Added security for the independent or strong-willed


As a parent of older children, I know first hand the unease of having a child walk free of a pram or walking ‘harness’. If I could strap my seven and nine year olds into a pram or harness, I would, as it would ease my mind a whole lot.

A Sparkle In Time, the company that previously brought us the delightful Star Pad, has produced an easy solution for parents with ‘free walking’ children. Find Me Bands are easy (non-embarrassing) bands that fit on your child’s wrist on which you write your mobile phone number. Should your child get lost, you can easily be re-united by a simple phone call, which is reassuring for both parent and child.

A set of Find Me Bands consists of seven different coloured bands and a marking pen. These little gems are available at the A Sparkle In Time website for $9.95 and postage is free Australia wide!


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