Actor Tessa James is in remission from cancer AND expecting a baby next month

Tessa James

Actor Tessa James is expecting her first baby with husband Nate Myles, in just a few short weeks, this hard-won pregnancy a delightful positive plot twist after a few terribly challenging years.

Family battle

The former Neighbours and Home and Away star was diagnosed with non-Hodgkin’s lymphoma in 2014, at the very same time her dad James was also battling the same cancer. She and former rugby league star Nate had been married for three years, at this stage.

Faced with the prospect of delaying her cancer treatment, in order to freeze her eggs and hopefully safeguard her fertility, Tessa decided to plunge headlong into chemotherapy and leave future babies in fate’s hands.

Three years down the track it seems that this difficult decision has paid off beautifully. She’s in remission and about to become a mother for the very first time.

It’s a completely lovely turn of events and could not have happened to a lovelier woman.

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“It’s meant to be”

Tessa’s Elle Australia’s latest covergirl, and she spoke to the mag about how the challenges of the last few years have put life sharply into perspective.

“Things are meant to happen the way they’re meant to happen,” she said.

“You can get very fixated on going from A to B to C to D, and things happening exactly the way that you planned it in your head. For me and for us, it just hasn’t happened like that at all and that’s actually really cool.”

Best laid plans were waylaid dramatically for Nate and Tessa, but she says she’s stronger for it – and taking nothing for granted.

“It’s made me think it’s OK that didn’t quite work out, because I know that something else is going to happen. It’s meant to be,” she told Elle.

Something else did happen, as Tessa’s cancer treatment was successful and she and Nate conceived a much-hoped for first baby. It’s sparked a newfound appreciation for the amazing things that women accomplish.

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“Being pregnant is a miracle because growing a baby, it’s pretty incredible when you think about it. When you haven’t had children and you see mums and kids everywhere you just think that’s normal. But when it happens to you, you’re like, ‘Oh my gosh, all these women have done this? Wow.’”

That said, the reality of making a tiny person has been a bit of an eye-opener …

“It was kicking the other day, it kicks like crazy, and it freaks me out because I’m like, ‘Oh my gosh, I actually have something inside of me, I’m growing a human.’ It’s really bizarre,” Tessa told Elle.

“I am so grateful for my health”

Tessa recently took to Instagram to share some candid thoughts on living with cancer, saying she now prioritises her health above all else.

“Today and everyday, I am so grateful for my health. Like everyone, I have my off days and that is very normal but over the past few years I have put such an important focus on both my physical and mental health since overcoming cancer.”

“Sometimes you don’t realise how important it is until you come face to face with a situation like mine …”

We’re so thrilled that Tessa’s doing so well and look forward to hearing more about the new little person she’s about to welcome, when the time is right.

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