From IVF to babies who travel, ABC Babytalk podcast is about all the journeys of parenthood

As a parent, there are plenty of nights where you’ll spend hours rocking a restless baby to sleep or feeding til the birds start to sing. Here’s a beaut podcast to keep you company. Warning: don’t listen to the ABC Babytalk podcast about Bereaved Mother’s Day without tissues handy.

ABC Babytalk is a wonderful podcast about the unexpected stories of pregnancy and parenthood.

Host Penny Johnston fields difficult interviews with mothers who have experienced the loss of a child, but it’s not all heartbreak. Penny talks to scientists about how mitochondrial DNA may be the key to reversing the ageing process of women’s eggs. There’s a story about the challenges and fun of traveling with babies. In another episode, Penny talks to a famous paediatrician about the secret to switching on a baby’s calming reflex, and learning to speak Toddlerese.

Penny is affable, funny, curious and sensitive –  just the sort of host you want to tell you the amazing, sometimes devastating stories of parenthood.

Babytalk is available on iTunes and a new episode comes out every week.

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