A touch of retro for your iPhone or camera?


How many of us have children who just adore phones? I’d say almost all. It seems to be an innate quality that children are infatuated by phones – and our mobiles tend to be given the most ‘love.’ My daughter has a play phone and uses her other toys as makeshift phones (like the wooden miniature dollhouse lamp!) but she most definitely derives the most satisfaction from fiddling with my mobile’s games and looking at photos.

So here’s some gorgeous iPhone and mobile carry cases to keep your phone safe from little hands.


Handmade to perfection by Hine (pronounced hee-neh), I found them by accident while searching one of my favourite sites, Etsy, and was drawn in like a bee to a flower. They are completely hand-stitched to resemble an old rotary phone but with buttons and felt, making each and every one totally unique and delectable. They are created especially to fit iPhones though I’m sure most mobiles would be happy in them.

Head to Hine’s Etsy shop to purchase and be sure to take a look at her fabulous camera cases while you’re there (pictured top and below). But be warned, her wares sell within a few hours of hitting her shop, so you’ll have to be quick and be sure to check back often!


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