A room within a room in the Box Sofa

Box Sofa and Lounger

Box Sofa from LoOok Industries

Do you ever have moments at home when you wish for just ten minutes to yourself?

Loook Industries created the Box Sofa and the Box Lounger to give a sense of privacy and seclusion in the midst of bustling public spaces and open-plan offices but we think parents may find them just as useful. There’s no ‘office’ busier than your own home and perhaps a Box Sofa or Lounger at your place might give YOU a sense of privacy and stop you having to hide in the bathroom for a bit of “me time”.

The cosy space is lined with sound-absorbing material to dampen the impact of outside noises and provide you with the seclusion from demanding anklebiters that every parent craves every now and again! Plus, it looks a bit like the furniture version of an iPhone, and that has to be cool.

It’s due to be released any day now, so we’ll keep you posted on stockists and prices.

Box Sofa and Lounger

(via Design Milk)

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