A mum dyed her toddler daughter’s hair pink and the internet is divided

Charity Grace and daughter City

Pretty in pink? Some people think not and are very angry this mum coloured her daughter’s hair. The cute 2-year-old – keen to mimic her mama’s pretty hair – could not be happier with her freshly dyed locks, though!

Think pink!

Yoga enthusiast and Instagram star Charity Grace LeBlanc uploaded a tutorial demonstrating how she dyed her daughter City’s (aka Felicity!) blonde hair, using a temporary pink hair dye made by US company, Manic Panic.

“In this tutorial, I’m dying my 2-year-old daughter’s hair PINK!” Charity posted on the YouTube version of the clip. “She has been begging me for a long time so we finally just went ahead and did it! I used Manic Panic Hot Pink which is a direct dye and is safe for kids. It washed out in about 3-4 days,” she posted.

The product Charity used is apparently low on chemicals and gentle on hair, as the maker explained in an Instagram comment on the post:

“Our dye is vegan and no harsh chemical and condition based, there is absolutely no harm being done to your hair when directly applying the dye to the hair follicles,” the company said in a comment under the cute clip.

“Are you crazy?”

1,289,653+ views later, people were (predictably) having some very big feelings about City’s new look, Charity’s parenting and the wisdom of colouring hair at such a tender age. Many, many people were extremely outraged, in fact:

“Are you crazy ? You did this for likes!!!! Im sorry for you, who dye hair of little child? I’m so angry with you,” one person wrote.

“This is so irresponsible of you. Of course she’s going to want it.. She’s a kid! She doesn’t know what she wants! And you, the parent should know better! She’s going to be bald by the age of 20,” another berated.

“No way I’m sorry I don’t agree she’s beautiful just the way she is,” one person posted, sadly.

“This is gonna f*ck up her hair and f*ck up her view of herself. Congrats you’re a terrible influence,” another spat.

Pretty in pink

Ugh. But not everyone was venomous in their response to the hair-dying how-to and results. City for one seems to adore her pretty new hair, and her mum seems chuffed with her handiwork too. Instagram followers also spoke out in support of having fun with hair and expressing ourselves through fashion and colour.

“You know what will stay with her? That she can express herself because the 1st and most important person in her life (her Mom) let her be who she is. I personally think childhood is the best time for pink hair! Once we get to be grown we have a lot of limitations put on us by society,” one fan wrote.

“It’s a semi-permanent dye and she didn’t bleach it so her hair will be fine. I don’t see anything wrong with temporarily changing a hair color and teaching a child that they have ownership of their body,” another opined.

“I love this so much. I wish my mom would have done this for me. Kids should be able to use self expression at any age before society crushtoddler

So what is your view? Is having fun with hair colour a bad idea for toddlers and pre-schoolers? Or just a bit of harmless fun and self-expression?


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