Boy cooks NSFW “unicorn sausages” for his mum and she’s trying to be OK with it

Unicorn Sausages

Mmmmm, yummy?! Unicorn Sausages are the bold supper-time treat you didn’t know you’d been missing out on …

Put a sausage on it

“Tonight my 10 year old cooked Unicorn Sausages for dinner,” UK mum Sarah Adamson posted on Twitter. “Should I Instagram with a recipe?” she teased.

Alongside her offer to share were two startling shots of said gastronomic delight. Not gonna lie, it looks a teeny bit … horrendous. Effort 10, looks 2, we think. That said, we don’t like to be closed-minded and refuse unfamiliar foods, without giving them proper consideration.

Thus, we looked into these Unicorn Sausages a little further, because frankly we didn’t know it was “a thing”.

Snag your pud?

To the (admittedly untrained) eye, it seems to be a sort of demented clever British Toad in the Hole type of thing. It looks like a Yorkshire pudding, filled with corn … possibly scrambled eggs, even?

If you’d like to recreate it at home (!) the crowning touch seems to be the confidence with which the sausage is thrust into the mix, at a dignified-yet-jaunty angle. Note that despite her offer threat, Sarah didn’t post her son’s recipe, which is such a shame. 

Internet searches didn’t turn up much, so we can only deduce that this dish came from one of those retro children’s cookbooks which suggest the kiddies serve up cupcakes that resemble a horrifyingly sugar-y version of Pennywise  or a man’s face constructed entirely from potato straws.  

Or it might have been passed down from generation to generation, with the sort of gravy-celebrating fervour that only sausage-lovers can muster. It’s hard to know.


What we do know is that Sarah is giving Unicorn Sausages the audience they deserve, and senses she’s an early adopter of what may be food’s next big thing.

“Thinking of buying I knew one day I’d find niche! I’ve always wanted a slot on Saturday Kitchen,” she tweeted.

“Oh my God. Please tweet this to Gordon Ramsay” a follower suggested, cutting her down slightly in a thinly-veiled, passive-aggressive reply.

Obviously these sausages look very surprising, but we love just knowing that you can boldly take a dish to the next level by sticking a snag in it. And after all, doesn’t every mum just want a child who’s happy to take their turn cooking dinner?

Perhaps YOUR child has prepared an equally jaw-dropping meal for the family? We’d love to see! Get in touch via Facebook and share their “genius” efforts.

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