A fully optioned Bugaboo? Hot it up!


Car buffs are well accustomed to researching the latest and greatest in optional extras for their street machines.
In some circles there’s nothing like
a great set of mag wheels and custom fenders to inspire envy and adulation. When we featured the
Kidcustoms Roddler, we
figured that this niche market was taken care of despite being affordable to very few. Well that assumption has just been thrown
fair and square out the window. Option out your existing pram with hand-machined extras for Bugaboos, from
Airborne Mini by Iacono Designs. They happen to be
the people who do the custom work for Kidkustoms – this product expansion is a stroke of genius!

I really couldn’t put it better myself, so here’s the blurb from Airborne Mini: "Available as individual components, or complete conversion kits, Airborne Mini provides elegant styling enhancements, exclusive interior packages, aluminium wheels and billet accessories providing countless ways to express your character."

Go for the full kit-out, or buy the pieces you like most. Make your
Cameleon the baddest on the block with a drop axle kit, wheel bullets,
custom brackets in seven anodised colours, a cup holder, and the one
I’m most intrigued by as a parent of two, the coaster board in
all its metal glory. I wish there were more pictures of the parts in
situ, as those custom mags look mighty mean. We’ll be keeping
an eye out for updates.

There isn’t any pricing information so email for further details. I love the apology on the home page to all Bugaboo owners, for
demoting their buggies to ‘second coolest’ after the Roddler! At least it’s a slight they are rectifying with the
Airborne Mini range.

(Via Droolicious)

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