A date with dots


I love coming across great new products that are astounding in their simplicity, but so beautifully executed in their design, as it the case with this unique calendar.

We are always marking the passing of time, and a great way to do this that will interest the kids is with the Gregory Calendar. Each date of a month is marked by its corresponding number on a page. What looks like just a series of random dots, becomes a cute drawing once the dots are connected sequentially. So, each day your child can draw a new line in and by the end of the month the drawing will be complete. What makes it even better, its that each drawing is somehow representative of that month – a reindeer for December for example.

The calendar comes in stylish black with its own chubby white pencil to connect the dots. Note however, that this product originates from Europe, and as such some of the seasonal pictures will be based on the northern hemisphere, so you may have to explain some of the references!

Available at Charles & Marie, the Gregory Calendar sells for US$43 with shipping to Australia.


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