A comforter and toy in one – meet Bu! the Blankie

Bu! the Blankie

Bu! the Blankie

This interactive blanket takes comforters to whole new level.

My three-and-a-half-year old son has four blankies. Yep, four. They’ve been his night time pals since we wrapped him in them as a newborn. And they look like they’ve seen better days (because they have!). Which is one of the many reasons they don’t leave the house. But I think I’d break the no-leaving-the-house rule for these blankies.

Bu! the Blankie

Bu! the Blankie is from a wonderful Swedish label we’re featured previously on Babyology, Little Red Stuga. Stripped back to its essential purpose, Bu!  the Blankie starts out life as a comforter and can be used from birth. It’s made from soft cotton and is a decent size at seventy centimetres. But here’s where it gets interesting. The blankie has two holes cut out of the centre so little (or big) eyes can peek through for a game of peekaboo or make believe.

Bu! the Blankie

The holes are also perfect for thumb suckers. The new spring release of Bu! the Blankie comes in four characters: a teddy bear, pirate, lion or Indian headress. They also come a selection of bright colours. The blankies look just divine and the rather handsome characters are created by world-renowned artists Lisa Grue, Will Broome and Elisabeth Dunker in collaboration with Little Red Stuga.

Bu! the Blankie

You can get your hands on a Bu! the Blanket from The Bowerbird’s Nest for $44 each.

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