9 (perfectly rational) reasons your toddler won’t eat their food

This week, my son refused to eat most of the food I put in front of him. In fact, instead of simply conscientiously objecting, he kicked up a tantrum that would rival Veruca Salt in the original Willy Wonka.

Here’s a list of all the things he refused to eat.

Food: Chicken nuggets

Reason he hated it: Because I hadn’t picked the breadcrumbs off the chicken.

Food: Banana

Reason he hated it: Because it wasn’t a banana. Yep. So I gave him a pear. Still cranky.

Food: Cucumber

Reason he hated it: Because it had fork holes in it. Duh.

Food: (Drink!) Milk in a cup

Reason he hated it: Apparently, the favourite cup is no longer the favourite.

Food: Peanut butter sandwich

Reason he hated it: Because it was cut in triangles instead of squares

Food: Pizza

Reason he hated it: He doesn’t like eating orange coloured things. He did yesterday, but he doesn’t now. As of this second.

Food: A balanced meal. You know, the kind that Healthy Harold recommends.

Reason he hated it: He didn’t like all the colours. So I made him a white meal.

Food: Porridge and water (as requested)

Reason he hated it: I’m still trying to guess. Maybe it was in the wrong bowl?

Food: Macaroni and cheese (as requested)

Reason he hated it: I don’t fricking know. I’m done trying. My brain hurts. Mummy is over and out.

And don’t start thinking dessert is any better…

What was the last food that threw your toddler into a tantrum tailspin?

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