9 experiences and surprises (for all budgets) to give mum on Mother’s Day

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If you’re keen to veer away from giving mum THINGS this Mother’s Day, replacing the standard gifts with something fresh and fun, we’ve rounded up some brilliant places to start.

9 brilliant experiences to gift mum for Mother’s Day

1. Yummy mummy

No not THAT kind of yummy mummy, but rather the kind of yummy mummy that loves delicious food and wants to learn more. Perhaps it’s a cheese appreciation class, or a Japanese cooking lesson or even a how to vegan like a boss type thing? Think about mum’s particular taste and help her elevate (and enjoy) it even more!

2. Crafty moves

Sign mum up for a crafty class and help her realise her creative potential. Perhaps it’s pottery (so she can join the wonky ceramics brigade) or maybe it’s macrame or a how-to-weave workshop. Not only will mum make new friends, but her new skills will have her loving herself to pieces! Most major cities have dedicated craft workshop facilitating businesses – try Workshop for starters or head to Google to discover more.

3. Bespoke mani-pedi

Organise a very special 20 nail fancy up for the mum in your life, completed by you in mum’s own home. This is especially good for families who are on a tight budget, but want to give mum a thoughtful treat on Mother’s Day. A comfy cushion, shoulder massage, special drink, and nice snacks can make this gift extra special. Choose a secret special colour or two, so this mani-pedi is extra surprising.

4. Birds and the bees

Gift mum an animal experience, tailoring the fluffy or feathery fun to suit your budget. If you’re on a bit of a skinny budget you can grab a camera and head off for some birdwatching or platypus spotting. Take a thermos of tea and some nice biscuits and record your finds as a special Mother’s Day remembrance. If you’re happy to get a bit spendy, try the zoo, wildlife park or aquarium and investigate any behind-the-scenes animal encounters that mum might like. 

5. Uphill battle

Not every great experience has to cost a bomb. How about taking a family hike together and finishing with a nice glass of wine and some cake (or cheese and crackers) at a spot with a lovely view? Memories are made of this and you could even make mum an “I spy” treasure hunt list of things to spot along the way. Check out National Parks in your area (or further afield) or head to Google maps and look for big green expanses to explore together.

6. Surprise posies

The days of stiff and spiky arrangements are long gone, dear readers, and praise the lord. Get a posy of pretty non-fugly flowers delivered to mum when she’s least expecting it. Search “posy delivery” in your state to find a pretty, loose seasonal bunch often well under $50 or choose a posy subscription and get flowers delivered every single week. Check out Daily Blooms, for starters.

7. Sporty spice

How about taking the opportunity to learn a new sport together – croquet or archery or badminton or lawn bowls, perhaps? Not only is learning new things heaps of fun, you might just awaken a brand new passion in yourself mum! 

8. Mystery flight

Activate the element of surprise and book mum (and a plus one) a mystery break. Virgin offers these Mystery Break packages which include flights and 4 to 5 star accomodation starting at $435 per person. Who knows where mum will end up?! It’s more about the journey than the destination!

9. Behind the scenes tour

Think about the sort of things mum loves – museums? Architecture? Wildlife? Gardening? Theatre? – and make some enquiries about VIP behind-the-scenes tours. Perhaps mum might like to tour the unseen not-open-to-public areas underneath the Melbourne Museum? Or maybe a backstage tour of the Sydney Opera House is more her cup of tea? Or something similar in your town or city?

The hardest part of this whole Mum’s Day thing is choosing which brilliant experience you want to bestow on the mum or mum-like figure in your life! Best of luck, chaps! 

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