86-year-old grandpa learns to knit, helps make 300 hats for premmie babies

Ed Moseley Knitting Grandpa

When Atlanta gent, Ed Moseley found out about a new knitting program at his assisted living facility, he says he immediately knew he wanted in.

Get a loom!

The fact that Ed had never knitted before was no hurdle for this determined guy. He asked his daughter to gather supplies – a knitting loom and yarn – and set about deciphering the instructions. After a false-start or two, Ed began knitting like a boss.

He became so proficient, in fact, that he is now heading up a program that knits hats for premmie babies.

“I’d never knitted in my life,” Ed laughs.

He’s a smart, salty, elderly man and despite the fact that he suspected the initiative was mostly the ‘corporate’ attempt to ‘keep the old people out of trouble’, he got involved with the kind of enthusiasm you’d be lucky to see in people half his age.



Craft bug

“I’m an engineer and I can read. So I followed the instructions and after two or three attempts, I started making fairly good caps.”

After a few days getting his craft down pat and really hitting his stride, the knitting bug began to go viral and others in Ed’s facility starting making caps too.

“We started filling up my couch with caps, and then all of a sudden caps started coming from various places.”

“We ended up with 300,” Ed says happily.

Ed delivered the hats to his very grateful local hospital’s NICU unit on World Prematurity Day.

“It’s kind of nice to get into, knowing that what you are doing is helping someone,” the crafty grandpa says.

What an ace guy!

Craft for a cause

If you’d like to get involved in some charity crafting, here’s a few places to start:

Knit One Give One – Supports over 250 community groups with hand knitted and crocheted items.
Knitting For Asylum Seekers – Blankets and adult jumpers are most needed. (Crocheted things are welcome too!)
The Snuggles Project – Make a blanket for an animal shelter.
Wildlife Victoria – Make a pouch or nest box for injured wildlife.
Royal Children’s Hospital – All kinds of handmade donations (within their guidelines) are welcomed. Check the link.
Knit A Square – Make things to help children who have been orphaned.
Trauma Teddies by The Red Cross – Knit a bear to help kids who’ve been through a traumatic experience.
Knitted Knockers – Knit a cotton breast prosthesis for a woman who’s survived breast cancer and undergone a mastectomy.
Knit baby items for indigenous babies supported by the Malabar Midwives Service – the Royal Hospital For Women(Randwick, NSW) accepts these and will pass them on.
Softies For Mirabel – Make a toy for a child who has been abandoned or orphaned due to parental illicit substance abuse.
Knitting For Brisbane’s Needy – They’d love all kinds of crocheted or knitted items to distribute to those in need – and other things too. Click the link for more info.
Very Snuggly Quilts and Quilts Of Love – Creating and donating quilts to important projects and people. They also work with Wrapped In Love.
Tiny Sparks – Knitting and sewing tiny clothes for newborn – usually premature – babies in the neonatal unit.
The Stitched With Love Club (Miracle Babies) – Creating clothing and keepsakes for premature and sick babies.
Yasminah’s Gift Of Hope – Crafting clothing and other items for their support packs. This lovely group looks after parents with premature and sick babies, or those that have lost a baby.
Wrap With Love – Handmade knitted, sewn and crocheted items are distributed to a variety of non-denominational and non-political aid groups.
Capes 4 Kids – Handmade capes for kids who are in hospital undergoing treatment or experienced challenging situations.

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