8 year-old learns to drive on YouTube, takes baby sister to Macca’s for burgers

kids with burgers

When sibling burger cravings hit while his parents were sleeping, an 8-year-old boy took matters (and the steering wheel) into his own hands, driving his little sister to McDonald’s for a treat.

Little rascals

This 8-year-old, from Ohio in the US, was obviously quite the auto enthusiast before the burger incident confirmed this to the entire world.

He had apparently schooled himself in the fine art of driving via that reliable authority on all things… YouTube! He was completely at the ready should someone need a ride, so when his 4-year-old sister fancied some McDonalds, he seized the opportunity (even though they had been purely hypothetical until now!)

Our lad grabbed the car keys – and his little sister’s hand – and they tiptoed out of the house, hitting the wide open road together for the Macca’s run of a lifetime.

(NB: If this isn’t yet another reason to keep your kids off YouTube, we don’t know what is!)

Took matters into own hands

Police said the incident happened on Sunday night, telling Fox 8 News the children’s exhausted parents had fallen asleep early when the kiddos hatched their plan.

“The child’s father had worked all day and went to bed early. Their mother was on the couch with the kids, when she fell asleep. That is when the children decided to leave,” Fox 8 News report.

Shudder. It’s funny/unnerving because it’s true/possible.

Apparently several witnesses saw the 8-year-old driving his dad’s work van through the streets of their town. Concerned – and possibly gobsmacked – they called the cops.

Wrong side of the law

Sources say the siblings had driven through at least four intersections, over some railroad tracks and navigated several left-hand and right-hand turns in their quest for a burger and fries.

The four-year-old girl was apparently riding in the back of the van and the little guy apparently stuck to the speed limit and obeyed the traffic laws as he made his way to the Market St McDonalds. (Except the law that said little kids should not drive!)

Once they arrived safely, they headed inside and bumped into a family friend who promptly notified their grandparents. Fox 8 News said the kids then tucked into some burgers. And then the police arrived. Ruh-oh.

The wild ride is currently being investigated by local police.

It’s not known if any charges will be laid. 

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