The 7 smelly sins of nappy changing

Yes, we all know greed, envy, gluttony and lust make it onto the list of the seven deadly sins, but what about when it comes to changing a nappy? There’s a whole new world of sins out there that most parents have learned the hard way. How many have you committed?

1. Assuming one nasty nappy a day is all you’ll have to deal with.

“Let’s make it easy on Mum and have a regular pooping time every day!” – said no baby ever.

“Let’s see how many times I can make Mum lift me up to smell my butt!” is much more fun. Because routine (especially when it comes to nappies) is overrated.

2. Thinking a wet nappy means bub won’t instantly wee all over you when you remove the nappy.

There’s just something about the feel of fresh air on bare skin that seems to make babies relax, if you know what I mean.

3. Bringing only a couple of nappies with you on an outing.

The second you go through the last nappy will be the moment your baby lets rip. And, if you also forgot to pack an outfit, you can expect it will be a doozy.

4. Forgetting to open the wipes before starting the job.

Once that nappy is off, it’s a battle of epic proportions trying to get the stuck wipes out of the container. All the while, you’re balancing a wriggly baby and trying not to let the nappy contents end up all over the floor.

5. Attempting to change a nappy when already feeling nauseated.

Whether it’s due to morning sickness, gastro, food poisoning or just one of those days, if your tummy is already churning, then the smell of a dirty nappy will take you over the edge.

6. Missing bin day.

It’s hard enough going one full week with a bin full of stinky nappies (unless you have the Ubbi!) – but how about when you forget to put out the bins and have to somehow go two weeks? Hell on earth, let me tell you.

7. Assuming that once bub is walking, nappy changes become easier.

And less smelly. Oh no. Once the solids are introduced and walking becomes the main form of transportation, you’ve entered a whole new level of nappy changing dilemmas. And once your little one learns how to remove said nappy all on his own, you’ve reached the final circle of Inferno. Good luck!

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The good news for parents is there are always products to help – and the Ubbi Nappy Pail is a great one to add to your nappy changing area. Why? Because it hides the odour so you can breathe easy and enjoy that sweet baby smell without the not-so-sweet aroma of poop (even if you do miss bin day).

The Ubbi Nappy Pail makes a great gift for any mum or dad-to-be who’s not quite aware of just how sinfully smelly their life is about to become. Pick it up at Babies R Us.

(This is a sponsored post for Bloom and Grow)

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