7 baby-friendly pieces of jewellery to make mums sparkle

Lots of things are surprising about parenthood – how 4:30am with a baby is hard, but also beautiful, how much laundry one tiny baby can generate – but something you don’t hear about often is how much babies love jewellery. They love to grip necklaces in their fat fists and pull, they love to rip earrings from your battered lobes, they love to suck on your rings. It’s enough to stop you from wearing jewellery altogether.

Don’t give up! We’ve put together a list of baby-proof baubles, chosen for their hardiness, low profile, or for their power to distract babies when you’re on the dreaded train run home from daycare and work.

By Charlotte Ring

The trend of delicate jewellery obviously wasn’t started by anyone who has a baby, but with the right pieces you can still take part. By Charlotte’s Rose Gold Dhan’ya Ring ($109) has the profile of a tiny crown. It’s pretty, understated and no baby can do damage to this simple piece.

Elk Gehry Bracelet

Architect Frank Gehry is the master of juxtaposing sharp angles with organic, flowing shapes. Elk’s Gehry bracelet ($35) does its namesake proud contrasting the softness of the rope band with the angles of the handmade wood and resin bead.

Dinosaur Designs Resin Bracelet

No one does organic resin jewellery better than Dinosaur Designs, and the classic wishbone bangle ($55) is the perfect first piece for a new resin collection. We love the swirls of shades in the fluoro orange resin, and the fact that this piece is perfectly baby friendly – colourful, interesting and tough.

Ruby Olive Softies necklace

Ruby Olive’s Softies necklaces ($29) are silicone, and safe for tiny exploring hands and teething mouths. Jewellery at mum’s group might feel a bit much, but these silicone necklaces give just the right amount of colour to your mum uniform of a striped tee, jeans and Converse.

Leah Alexandra ear climbers

We love these ear climbers ($167) by Leah Alexandra because they give the same sparkle and size as a dangling earring, but they have the low profile of a stud. All this to say that your baby won’t be able to get his chubby fist around this one to rip it out of your ear.

JCrew necklace

This necklace ($64) from JCrew with its pretty ribbon tie is chic, and secretly baby friendly – it’s acetate and hard to break, and you can loosen the ribbon so you don’t get strangled as it gets yanked from your neck.

Arik Kastan Labradorite Ring

This Labradorite three stone ring ($1332) by Arik Kastan is a bit more special (read dear), but it sure is beautiful. Also, if it’s the only jewellery you’ll be wearing while your baby is young, the cost per wear practically makes it a bargain.

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