7 adorable times baby cheeks were our favourite thing

cute baby cheeks

We admit it. We’ve been imagining squeezing these babies’ adorably cheeky faces for the last 20 minutes. Of course, should we encounter such a baby in real life, we promise to hold back. #SaveTheCheeks

You don’t have to be an over-excited, elderly lady to have a hyper-developed sense of squeeze-baby-cheekness.

This is a condition that affects the best of us and it can cause eye-watering, heart-pangs (from the squeezer), not to mention rosy cheeks and the urge to eye-roll or run/crawl/toddle for the hills (from the squeezee!)

We think it’s important to raise awareness of the whole adorable cheek thing and we are dead certain that these babies will not only make your day nicer, they will have you questioning your own cheekiness.

1. The time cheeks were a two-person job


2. The time the snuggle was very, very real

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3. The time we tried to THINK our hat off


4.  The time we were feeling the Picnic At Hanging Rock feels

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5. The time we hadn’t done our hair yet


6. The time we found out about elbows

7. The time we double-cheeked we were all accounted for


We know you’re feeling a lot better now.

Thanks to all the babies (and their parents) for the cheeky reality check and for sharing this adorable goodness on Instagram.

May the cheek be with you!


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