6 pregnancy photos that sum up the worst parts of growing a baby

Tired pregnant woman

The realities of pregnancy can be super tough – and you have nine whole months of them to get through! Of course, it’s awesome that you’re growing a baby, you have a little miracle growing right there inside you. Good things are coming your way. But there are some moments in pregnancy that are just blah, and darn it, it’s okay to complain about them – those nine months are a hard slog and you deserve the vent!

6 blah pregnancy moments we know all too well:

1. Morning sickness

Nothing says pregnancy like morning sickness, and this one can begin early on. If you’re really unlucky, morning sickness can go on for months, and it can last day and night. This is one pregnancy symptom we could do without! We don’t blame you if you want to stay in bed all day.

2. Swollen feet

Help, I no longer recognise my feet! All that extra pressure from your growing body can lead to swollen feet, giving you that cankle look. Suddenly your dainty sandals can’t quite carry the look off. Hang in there lady, your feet will be back to normal business soon enough.

3. Huge belly

Did someone say beached whale? People might tell you that you’re glowing and look amazing (and you do!), but you feel like a giant whale that’s been left on a beach and needs help getting off the couch. You live in fear of dropping something because bending down to pick it up is a nightmare.

4. Indigestion

This is common in pregnancy and can make mealtime a nightmare. Your hormones have caused your digestion system to slow, which means certain foods can cause pain and discomfort. Not only this, you might have to give up eating copious amounts of chocolate, which was a major perk of being pregnant. No fair.

5. Can’t sleep

As your pregnancy progresses, that growing bump of yours makes it harder to get comfortable and sleep. Plus, you need to wee all night. For some reason, your baby thinks that night-time is a good time to play and shift around all night, which is very telling about what lies ahead for you when your baby actually arrives….

6. Pregnancy Skin

I thought I was meant to glow? Not all of us get that rosy look when we’re pregnant. All those hormone changes can mean a revisit to teenage-hood with adult acne, or dry, flaky skin. I promise, the uglier you feel, the more beautiful your baby.

And the one that makes it all worth it – holding your baby

This one isn’t quite a pregnancy pic, but we had to drop it here to remind you of what you’ll be doing soon very soon. You’re making one of these as we speak – how clever are you? Hopefully the idea of holding your very own newborn will be enough to get you through those last few weeks of discomfort!

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