5 ways to give your family’s diet a healthy twist

We all get into that busy family meal-routine-rut… basketball evening turns into make-do Monday, swimming night becomes takeaway Tuesday, and before we know it family meals and snacks turn from fuel into fast food. But there are some really simple ways to boost your tribe’s healthy food intake. We promise they’re tasty, and some can be delivered right to your door!

1. Snack right


Kids can be bottomless pits when it comes to snacking. You might have a ‘grazer’ who likes to munch throughout the day, or a little one who prefers a series of smaller meals (because you don’t have enough washing up to do). Try and think of snacks that will keep them going for longer. If a piece of fruit won’t cut it, why not try combining nuts and fruits to create healthy, flavoursome and energy releasing Bliss Balls.

Let's Cook - Breakfast Popsicles

Another brilliant snack idea is sugar-free popsicles, containing nothing but fruit and yoghurt. We’ve also featured a mint choc-chip version, which can also be adapted to be sugar-free.


2. Don’t pile the plate

I’m Mediterranean, so it goes without saying that I’ve inherited a tendency to pile my children’s plates high. But kids only have little tummies – they don’t need to eat anywhere near as much as an adult. And pushing a child to eat everything on their plate also breeds bad eating habits. Allow your child to eat until they feel full, and use common sense – obviously if they’ve only eaten one pea and a slice of carrot they’re just stooging you.

3. Choose fresh

toddler eating watermelon sl fb

We’re so lucky to live in a country that grows some of the world’s best fresh produce. Fresh food tastes better and has higher nutritional value too. We’ve found an easy way to ensure your family is getting quality, healthy produce, delivered right to your door – it’s a new collaboration between Aussie Farmers Direct and Weight Watchers.

aussie farmers1

This great idea for busy families combines fresh, Aussie produce with delicious, nutritious recipes – all delivered to your home. Each WW freshbox is bursting with produce that can be used to make SmartPoints-friendly meals for your family. It takes all the guess work out of creating balanced, healthy dinners as well as eliminating the need for constant trips to the supermarket. Meals start at just $6.95 a plate – when compared to take away it’s a pretty reasonable and much healthier option. After being successfully trialled in Brisbane, the WW freshbox is now available in all states except the Northern Territory and Tasmania.

amart child eating outdoors

4. Variety is the spice of life!

Don’t assume that just because your kids are kids they won’t enjoy things that we generally think of as ‘adult food’. We often tend to steer our kids away from things that we think they won’t like – but let them have a go. Raw broccoli, smoked salmon, lentils, hummus – there are a variety of nutritious, healthy ingredients and foods that your kids may well love. The thing is to get them enjoying a variety of foods early, and steer them away from heavily sweetened or salty items.

5. Lead by example

You know your children are mimics – they love to copy everything you say and do. So if it’s time to give your children’s diet a healthy twist, it’s one in, all in. I know this is easier said than done – often we will feed the kids their dinner, and then cobble something together for ourselves later on in the night.

aussie farmers

It does take time to plan meals to ensure they’re balanced and nutritious, and that’s where the WW freshbox I mentioned earlier is fabulous. It’s a great family shortcut, without compromising on health or taste. You’ll get all the produce you need to whip up nutritious meals during the week, delivered to your door – a no fuss solution to turning around your family’s eating habits.

If you’d like more information on the WW freshbox, and to check if delivery is available in your area, head to Aussie Farmers Direct.

(This is a sponsored post for Aussie Farmers Direct)


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