5 products to baby-proof your home against a danger-seeking, crawling baby

baby crawling

Little babies are so sweet. They gurgle and coo, they kick their little chubby legs and they stay where you put them. And then, when you think you’re just beginning to get it all under control, they’re on the move and that’s when you’re in trouble.

Every electrical socket, every set of stairs, every stray wire looks like a death trap. It’s baby-proofing time! Don’t fret. We’ve made a list of all the kit you need to get your home ready for the little storm on two legs that will soon be running around your house.

baby standing in door

Baby-proofing doors and stairs

Nothing is more ear-splitting that the howls of a child who’s slammed his fingers in a door. He’s howling for good reason – a forceful enough slam can break a child’s delicate fingers. The Safety 1st Finger Pinch Door Guard is just the ticket to save little fingers from injury.

Here’s something that might surprise you: before they can walk, babies can usually climb stairs. A gate at the top and bottom of the stairs is essential for preventing dangerous falls. Most baby gates resemble white prison bars and aren’t super attractive. We love Dreambaby’s Retractable Gate in black.

baby electrical socket

Baby-proofing electrical outlets

We’re not sure what it is about kids that they like to stick things in little holes. Our DVD player is broken because my eldest carefully slid stickers into the slot one afternoon when the house was so quiet, I should have known better.

Electrical plugs are the scariest of little holes around the house, and we shudder at the fact that they also happen to be the perfect size to fit a butter knife. Solve the problem with a Dreambaby Outlet Plug guard in every single unused electrical outlet in your home.

Baby-proofing cupboards and cabinets

You can try to store dangerous household items up high, but sometimes your high kitchen cupboards aren’t tall enough to store bottles of bleach or bug spray. In this case a Cabinet Flexi Lock from Dreambaby is the perfect solution. We love that it fits neatly over the cabinet handles so there’s no drilling involved. Perfect low-maintenance solution, and great for those of us who rent.

toddler opening window

Baby-proofing windows

Whether you’re in an apartment or a house, bedrooms are often on upper levels, which makes open windows a hazard for curious, climbing kids, even if you have flyscreens. The Dreambaby Window Latch limits how wide outward opening windows can open. In the heat of summer, you’ll be grateful for the fresh air without the fear of your child falling out the window.

Babies R Us has thought of everything when it comes to child safety around the home. Check out the other safety products on offer too. Shipping in Australia is around $10.

(This is a sponsored post for Babies R Us)

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