5 nappy bags to suit every type of mum

mum and son with nappy bag

Here’s a truth that every mum knows: having kids makes you the best multi-tasker ever. Not only can you do many things at once, you can be many people too. If you’ve ever simultaneously taken a work call while hunting for toddler toys in your bag and spooning puree into your baby’s mouth, you’ll know what we’re talking about.

Such a versatile woman needs a versatile bag, and Vanchi has something for every mum, no matter what role you’re playing that day.

Everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mum

You know this woman. Some days you are this woman. She plans for every possible outcome for the day: toddler snacks to fend off hunger-induced tantrums, a towel for surprise spews, spare clothes, nappies in her baby’s size and all her friends’ babies’ sizes. This woman is prepared, and with so much stuff in her bag, her shoulder is probably a bit sore.

She needs a bag like the Florence Traveller ($199.95). Available in five classic colours, it holds everything and then some, and it keeps it all organised with internal pockets. Outside pockets are just for mum so you don’t waste time hunting for keys or your wallet in the unfathomable depths of your bag. Four inner pockets keep food and nappies and wipes separated. It’s got two strap options: shorter straps so it can be carried like a shoulder bag, and a long adjustable strap so it can be slung over the pram handle.

Laid-back yet organised mum

Vanchi nappy bag baby

Laid back and relaxed, this mum is pleased to see flared jeans have come back into fashion. Her vibe is a little bit 1970s, but she’s firmly planted in 2016, carrying things like homemade chia bliss ball snacks in her bag for her eldest.

Vanchi’s Tuscan Bowler Bag ($189.95) in tan faux leather is the perfect marriage of boho style with straight-laced functionality. Five external pockets give you quick access to all your necessities, and four internal pockets have space for nappies, wipes, snacks and your little one’s toy car collection.

Minimalist mum

Vanchi black leather tote

The polar opposite of everything-but-the-kitchen-sink mum, minimalist mum has decided her shoulder hurts, and she’s only going to carry the bare essentials. Not having a spare change of clothes might come back to bite her one day, but she’s quite happy to trade that risk for the benefit of only carrying a lightweight tote.

The perfect lightweight tote is the Lucca Mini Tote ($369) in black leather. It’s got plenty of interior pockets to keep the few things you carry separate, there’s a full length zip to keep little hands from fishing out your wallet when you’re not looking, and it’s made from a buttery soft, full grain leather.

Weekend mum

vanchi nappy bag blue

Weekend mum’s style is all about relaxed jeans and striped tees. On her feet are a pair of white sneakers. She might be casual, but she knows white sneakers are everything this season. And when she wants to go from lazy days in the park to dinner out, she’ll swap the sneakers for heels and already be ready to go with the Indie Holdall ($189.95) – a bag that’s organised enough to keep all baby’s gear in place without compromising on room for what mum needs.

City mum

City mum isn’t giving up her days out shopping, even with a baby in tow. She’s a lover of coffees and brunch with friends, whose social life is twice the fun now that baby makes two.

The Capri Tote ($189.95) in soft, tan, faux leather is the perfect bag for days out on the town. To the untrained eye, it’s a regular tote – just like she used to carry. But unlike a normal catch-all tote with no internal pockets, Vanchi’s Capri Tote has three interior pockets to help you stay organised, and the lining is water-resistant to protect against those inevitable spills that come with the mum territory.

Vanchi designer Sarah Van Bentum, is a mum of twins, and a designer who thinks of everything. All Vanchi bags have multiple inner and outer pockets, metal feet to protect the bags from wear, and linings are always waterproof. Each bag comes with an accessories kit that includes things like a coordinated change mat, a mummy pouch, a wipes case and a wet pack for soiled clothes.

Vanchi bags also come with a “dummy charm rating” to help you work out what size you need. Two charms mean the bag is small enough for an everyday bag, but big enough to carry baby essentials. Five charms mean it’ll hold enough gear for a newborn, multiple babies, or to last on a long haul flight.

Vanchi is available online and ships for $7 in Australia.

(This is a sponsored post for Vanchi.)

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