Everyone is talking about this 3-year-old’s DIY haircut

When UK pop star Kerry Katona’s 3-year-old daughter gave herself this very “indie” haircut a couple of days ago, the internet had a lot of things to say.

Much preschooler, very snippy!

This is Atomic Kitten singer and media personality Kerry Katona’s beautiful 3-year-old daughter. Her name is Dylan-Jorge (DJ!) and as you can see from the photo, she’s just taken to her tresses with a pair of scissors and some sassy indie attitude. Alt pop star for the win, DJ! #AtomicCuttin

In the wake of choppy hairgate, Kerry posted this photo to Instagram and threw up her hands.

“My dj who thought it would be a good idea to cut her own hair!!!! But she still looks beautiful,” Kerry posted, taking a punt on the possibility that other mums and dads have found themselves in similarly circumstances.

Unicorn horns R us!

Kerry was right. Very many people did relate and shared their own wonky kid haircut tales and pics and instantly made this mum-of-five feel like she was in very good company.

“Aww bless her she still looks beautiful. My sister cut all her hair off many years ago with the red plastic Crayola scissors because she wanted to look like our bald grandad,” a possibly still giggling mum shared.

“I have 3 daughters and all of them at one point cut themselves a fringe,” another confirmed.

“Ah bless her at least it wasn’t her eyebrows, my sons watched their dads shaking and decided to copy him lol that was more than 25 years ago with pics to prove it,” someone else posted.

“My youngest currently has a “unicorn horn” after cutting it at school, she bloody loves it,” our favourite commenter wrote.

A heartened Kerry aka excellent mum was keen to make the best of a choppy situation and affirm that her daughter’s value and special-ness were not caught up in her hair.

The experts are here!

Of course, a few perfect types “concern-trolled” the bewildered mum, keen to let her know this was all her fault.

“Oh dear! Just as well she didn’t cut her skin otherwise it could’ve been a hospital trip…” one tut-tutted.

“Always keep scissors away from kids could of been a lot worse (sic),” another kidsplainer said.

“Maybe you should be asking her why she cut her hair,” a possibly distant relative of Freud suggested.

“Careful with them there scissors! Wouldn’t want you to cut your ear off young lady (sic),” a genius noted.

Shoosh, you guys.

All’s well that ends well

A day later, Kerry shared another snap of her, DJ and another one of her daughters, cheerfully explaining that she’d taken some length off her own hair in solidarity.

DJ seemed a little less at peace with her new do in this shot, but perhaps she’d simply realised how annoying internet naysayers can be and decided she was over the whole online profile nonsense altogether?

That makes a lot of sense to us. * Nods * 

Has your kiddo ever given themselves a very special haircut?


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