Helpful flight attendants send breastfeeding mum’s relief sky-high

Pumping breast milk to keep up supply for a hungry baby is hard going. Expressing enough for three babies is another thing entirely. Then try doing it on a plane, crammed in beside other weary travellers while missing your children.

If anyone deserves an unexpected upgrade to first class, it has to be Jenna Mde. The mother of triplets, flying without her babies, was struggling to pump breast milk while squished into an economy seat. That’s when Delta Airlines attendants swooped in, kindly shifting her to first-class for more space and privacy.

But that, as they say, is not all.  Flight attendants Kaitlin and Loretta did all they could to help as Jenna pumped milk for her babies, offering her snacks and plenty of water along the way. The grateful passenger posted a public thank you message on Delta’s Facebook page, now ‘liked’ by more than 51,000 people.

As a breastfeeding mother to triplets, it's important that I not miss a breast-pumping session, especially when…

Posted by Jenna Evans on Saturday, 13 February 2016

“It’s important that I not miss a breast-pumping session, especially when travelling. Yesterday, two flight attendants, Kaitlin K and Loretta, on my flight from Atlanta to Dallas-Love Field, allowed me to sit in an empty first class seat for more space and privacy while I pumped in flight,” says Jenna.

“They offered me snacks and provided tons of water during my pumping session. Additionally, on my return flight this afternoon, the Dallas-Love Field gate attendant, Talesa, offered me an empty first-class seat so I could do the same.

“I am incredibly grateful for the lengths these individuals took to make my role as momma much easier and impressed by the advocacy this company has provided for breastfeeding and pumping. Thank you, for making being away from my babies a bit more bearable!”

Last year Delta copped flak for forcing a breastfeeding mum to pay $150 to take her expressed milk on a flight home with her.

It’s a good example of how easy it is for others to help a mum in need – when you’ve gotta pump, you’ve gotta pump. Which is why we feel for the breastfeeding mum who was made to sit through a 14 hour work meeting without a break to be able to express. You won’t believe what she did next.

If you’ve had other people go out of their way to help you breastfeed or pump milk, we’d love to know.

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