2-year-old shares “past life” memories and his mum says he’s telling the truth

Cathy Byrd Christian Haupt

Little Christian Haupt was born with a ridiculously natural ability to play baseball, but it’s the amazing and uncanny “memories” he shares that make this little boy extra-interesting.

Somebody that I used to be

Christian – now 8 – may as well have been born with a baseball in his hand. He’s so great at the game that he was asked to throw the first pitch at a a Dodgers MLB game aged 4, and appeared in an Adam Sandler film as a baseball prodigy when he was only 2.

It was also back when Christian was two years old that he began sharing “memories” about another life, calmly telling his mum about the man he says he used to be.

“Mommy, I used to be a tall baseball player,” Christian told his mum Cathy Byrd one day.

“You will be a tall baseball player, some day,” she replied.

“No! I was a tall baseball player—tall like Daddy!” Christian responded firmly, broaching his “other life” openly for the very first time.

Cathy, a California real estate agent, thought her son was just kidding around, but he persisted with various vintage baseball-related stories, and his resolve unnervingly never wavered.

Historically accurate

The little boy revealed he was sure he used to be the 1920s Yankees player – Lou Gehrig.

He pointed out Gehrig’s parents in old photos, identifying them by name, and discussing other details related to professional back-in-the-day baseball.

A gobsmacked Cathy says she began to research Christian’s stories, finding they were historically correct and accurately reflected the Yankee player’s life.

She couldn’t begin to fathom what could be happening and where her son’s “memories” were coming from. Cathy said Christian had not been exposed to any baseball culture or information, yet when she googled the things he said, archives confirmed them to be true.

Wait, what?

Cathy said she was initially skeptical about the possibility of Christian having a previous life. She’d never believed in reincarnation or past life memories, indeed these concepts were totally at odds with her own beliefs and grasp of logic.

“I found myself straddling the great divide between logic and intuition,” writes Byrd, a practicing Catholic.

“The concept of reincarnation was diametrically opposed to my rational thoughts and my religious beliefs, yet my heart was telling me not to ignore what Christian was so desperately trying to tell me.”

Call in the reinforcements

Confused and fascinated, and determined to be the best mum she could be, Cathy sought advice from a psychologist and from University of Virginia professor Jim Tucker.

Jim’s the author of a book about children who relate “past life” experiences similar to Christian’s and he facilitated some pretty freaky discussions about where the little boy says he’s previously been.

When interviewed, a then 5-year-old Christian told Jim he chose his mother when she was born and then waited for her to grow up and be his mum.

“I picked her to be my mom, and then she got old,” Christian said.

“Do you remember where you were, when you chose her?” Jim apparently asked Christian.

“I was in the sky,” Christian replied.

Jim says when shown a photo of Lou Gehrig’s mother, Christian said, “Mommy, you were her.”

Sharing their story

Cathy is still attempting to come to terms with her son’s stories. She’s just written a book, The Boy Who Knew Too Much – detailing what her publisher calls “a sacred journey of discovery” –  seeking to document and share the family’s experience with the world.

Film studio 20th Century Fox have also apparently just picked up the rights to make the film version of Cathy’s book.

Just wow. How fascinating and weird.

Do you think this family’s story is possible? Or is it a little far-fetched for your skeptical brain?! Has someone in your family shared memories from “another life”?

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