This 2-month-old baby already has better hair than most of us

baby with funny hair

When Reddit user and dad brngrhm84 shared a highly hairy picture of his 2-month-old daughter on the popular forum, we suspect he knew that chaos would ensue.

Proud dad

Captioned, “As a bald man, I’m very proud of my 2 month old’s hair,” the shot showed his baby girl sporting a head of hair that, as one commenter pointed out, would make a Korean pop star very, very happy.

Mashable reports that the baby girl’s name is Alexandra and while her dad may indeed be follicle-y challenged, his daughter has inherited none of his smooth-headed moves, so far.

The tiny tot remains poker-faced about her attention-grabbing look, apparently preferring to be appreciated for her intelligence and wit instead.


As a bald man, I’m very proud of my 2 month old’s hair from aww


It’s a movement

Of course, this is not the first baby with amazing hair to bewitch the entire internet.

This baby defined hair-do goals just a few short weeks ago and these babies had us questioning our own frizzy-follicled reflections earlier this year and wondering why we weren’t blessed with locks of awesome.

As this new generation of amazing-haired kiddos continue to parade their jaw-dropping shocks of fuzzy or curly cuteness before us, we bow down to the parents who shampoo, comb, tease, spray, brush, bow and clip their delightful looks into place each day.

Godspeed to you, parents of hairy babies. May nits never darken your doorstep. May your tiny K-Pop stars continue to rule the world.


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