11 summer essentials for your mum bag

Summer is here which means longer days, hotter weather and a revamp of your handbag. Make sure you are travelling smart, regardless of where you are going, with our guide to all things clever mums need in their handbags this summer. We’ve rounded up our top picks for summer handbag essentials. Come and take a look.

What are the must-haves this season for your handbag? Babyology’s done the research and here is what we’ve scouted out:

Il Tutto


So you don’t have to squint to see the kids at the top of the climbing frame.


Sure, they may not be glamorous, but they are essential. Because if you have children, you’re going to get sticky. Aussie Wipes are great for sticky fingers, sticky faces and sticky everything else. Plus, the resealable lid actually stays closed so they won’t dry out in the heat.

aussie wipes1

Hats (for everyone)

Great for unexpected trips to the park or beach on the way home. I tie a rubber band around my children’s two hats and store them in the front of my bag, just in case.

Lip balm

Nothing stings quite like chapped or sunburnt lips. Avoid it at all costs by always having a spare stick of lip balm in your bag. Extra points if it comes with a built-in sunscreen.

summer handbag nivea

We especially love Nivea’s Hydro CareEnriched with Pure Water and Aloe Vera, it keeps lips feeling soft and smooth for longer. Because no kid likes mum kisses from chapped lips!

A water bottle

Stick to BPA-free and make sure it is easy enough to open to avoid the, “Mum I can’t open the water bottle!” from the back seat while driving, but not so hard to close that the kids won’t bother, leaving it to leak in your bag.

Sticking plasters

Elastoplast’s range of colourful wound plasters are great for kid scrapes, cuts and boo-boos. They’ll cover your blisters from your non-sensible shoes too.


Plus, they make excellent stickers if you are stuck waiting for an appointment and the kids get bored.


Sunscreen is an essential for Aussie families, but it can be such a hassle. I can’t express how many times my kids have complained because it stings their eyes or I have opened my bag to uncover a sticky white mess over everything because the kids didn’t put the lid on properly.

neutrogena sunscreen

Enter NEUTROGENA Beach Defence SPF 50 sunscreen spray. It offers an easy mist application, high sun protection stabilised with Helioplex technology and UVA/UVB protection.

Loose change


For parking… and bribery ice cream. Keep it all in a pretty coin purse like these from Witchery.

Nappy cream

Even if you don’t have a child in nappies, nappy cream, like wipes, is something I think I will be carrying in my bag forever. It can be used on so many minor ailments, from bug bites to heat rash.


Sudocrem comes with rave reviews from our Babyology community and is a great addition to your handbag.

Emergency snacks

Because, for some reason children cannot go from A to B without feeling hungry, even if they just had a meal ten minutes earlier. We haven’t met a kid yet who doesn’t love snacking on sultanas and Sunbeam’s mini boxes are the perfect little size to keep stowed away in your handbag for those emergency situations.

Emma and Tom’s life bars are a healthy option for mum. They are made with preservative-free dried fruit and raw nuts and contain Medjool dates which taste delicious and are full of nutrients and fibre. Plus, they take up very little space in your bag!

Hand sanitiser

It’s also a good idea to have a small tub of hand sanitiser, such as Dettol Instant hand sanitiser handy in case your kids decide it’s a good idea to pick up the grubby pair of thongs or empty soft drink bottle left at the park.

dirty hands

What are the essentials in your handbag this season?

(second image via Il Tutto)

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