15 movies from our childhoods that may scar – and scare – our own kids

Have you ever sat down to watch an old movie with your own children that you adored as a kid only to turn it off before the end. Turns out, this happens a lot more than you may think. So what are some of the movies from our 70s, 80s or 90s childhoods that are deemed too scary, too risque or simply too creepy by today’s standards? Come and have a look!

Regardless of when (or if) you decide to introduce your kids to these classics, remember that every parent and every child is different. Some kids may watch Jaws at five and love it (Yes, I am that mum). Some may watch it at aged nine and still have nightmares to this day.

If you’re looking for some no-nightmares-guaranteed movies from your childhood to rewatch with the kids, then we have just the list for that too. But if you like to like dangerously, keep on reading.

Classic movies neverending story

The Exorcist

We used to love watching horror movies during birthday party sleepovers. But I’m sure this one will ever make the list with my own daughter and her friends. Other horror movies that made the list include Carrie, ItThe BlobAliens and Psycho. I remember watching The Birds in fifth grade and still have a fear of birds.

The Dark Crystal

Jim Henson may be in charge, but cute, cuddly Muppets these are not. This one makes the list on “creepiness” alone. We actually have this DVD in our collection but it’s been hidden for about five years (sorry, husband).

movies from childhood4


This is another one that makes the list purely on the characters’ creepiness. But, on the plus side, your kids will probably never ask for a Furby again.

The Blue Lagoon

Kissing cousins, a tawdry storyline and other assorted  controversies involving its 14-year-old star means this one’s still grabbing headlines 35 years later.

Old Yeller

This is a great one… until the last ten minutes.

movies from childhood3

Child’s Play

How could a movie about a doll go so horrifyingly wrong?

Bad Santa

Not a good one for your annual Christmas Eve movie night viewing pleasure.

The Labyrinth

Simply because of David Bowie’s codpiece.

Pet Cemetery

It’s a heartbreaking story about the tragedy of losing a child… gone oh so wrong!

movies from childhood5

The Neverending Story

The horse scene. Need we say more?

Pretty Woman

If you can look past the occupational side of things… it’s just your typical romantic comedy, right?


Dirty Dancing

Who doesn’t love a feel good dance movie? Except that one underground dance scene. And then there is that other one…  “Mummy, why is the blonde lady crying?”

Police Academy

Look away! Look away!


This is a great one if you want your kids to live in fear of the ocean. Works a treat!

movies from childhood2

Now and Then

Because nothing makes for a better Friday night conversation than explaining to your children what a “boner” is.

Have you watched any of these classics with your kids? How did they go? Which movies are we missing?

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