15 million people have gone nuts for this Pringle can toddler craft clip

Toddler Busy Can

Yessiree. You read that right. A whopping 15 million people have hit play on a cute clip that’ll show you how to make a toddler ‘Busy Can’ from a Pringles package, in under a minute.

Getting busy

Posted back in 2015, the Busy Can has gone from strength to strength, and really has its own fan club, from what we can tell.

What is a Busy Can, I hear you ask? (Maybe.) A Busy Can is a fancily-decorated empty Pringles can, with colour coded slots fashioned in the lid. These freshly fashioned slots allow your toddler to ‘post’ similarly colour coded pipe-cleaners into the can, to their heart’s content.

The video shows a clever mum making the ‘Busy Can’ in under a minute (okay they MAY have sped things up a wee bit!) and the results are genius in their simplicity and frankly making us want to post pipe-cleaners all the live-long day too.

People love this clip

Posted on the HowDoesShe Facebook page, the clip has racked up a crazy 15 million views to date.

“What a cute idea this is! And it’s sure to keep that little toddler entertained and busy so you can get some laundry done, or maybe a shower, or clean the kitchen, so many great reasons as to why you want to make little Busy Can,” the page admin captioned the clip.

We’re guessing she had no clue that people would be so mesmerised by a one-minute video.

(NB: My favourite thing to do while my imaginary toddler is playing with her Busy Can is to eat all the Pringles that used to be in it.)

Salty DIY

People not only apparently love Pringles-Can-Craft (PCC), they can not get enough of simple DIY toddler-busying activities, it would seem. Perhaps they also like pipe-cleaners in ways we’d never fathomed. Or hole punches? Who knows?!

Even the bigwigs from Pringles got in on the act, with a thumbs up for the clever repurposing of their (pleasingly empty) product and confirming their approval of the PCC movement.


Pringles Facebook comment


We’re wondering if 15 million people promptly popped down to the shops and snapped up some Pringles.

Surely salty snacks are everybody’s favourite craft supply?!

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