12 questions to ask your kids for answers guaranteed to make you smile

Just how well do your children know you? These 12 questions will take your children only a few short minutes to answer and will give you a laugh to say the least.

Come and share with us what your kids say when you ask them these simple questions about yourself.  You may be surprised at how many they get right (and how many they get oh so wrong…)

You might have seen a Facebook status floating around or the post from Ms Canyon Girl that gives parents a few questions to ask their kids. As you can expect with young children, they don’t hold back and the answers are filled with sweetness and honesty (and sometimes horror!). Plus, it’s always fun to get a glimpse into how your children see you.

These are the gems that my little one (aged three) came up with. What about yours?

What is something I always say to you?

“Eat your dinner.” (True)

What makes mummy happy?

“Bandaids.” (Fair enough)

What makes me sad?

“The cat.” (When the stupid thing wees all over the rug, then yes)

How do I make you laugh?

“Kisses.” (True)

What was I like as a child?

“Like me.” (Extremely true)

How old is mummy?

“13.” (Well, she got the numbers backwards but good effort)

What is my favourite thing to do?

“Cuddle.” (True)

What do I do when you’re not around?

“Cry.” (Not quite but okay)

What am I really good at?

“Working.” (I’ll let my editor decide on this one)

What is something I’m not good at?

“Cleaning up.” (True)

What is my favourite thing to eat?

“Spaghetti.” (Relatively true)

What is my favourite thing to drink? 

“Wine.” (So very true)

What do you enjoy doing with me?

“Play dollies.”(And, again, true)

It’s amazing just how intelligent and switched on little ones can be, even if my daughter believes I am a 13 year old cat-hater with a passion for Bandaids. So give it a go – what do your children come up with?

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