12 laundry hacks that make washing a cinch

I just love spending my weekends washing piles and piles of dirty clothes only to discover that the stains are still there… said no mum ever.

We’ve come up with a few laundry solutions to save you time and ensure you still have your sanity by the end of the day. Even if your kids don’t believe in staying clean, here’s how you can master the washing situation, one urine-soaked load at a time.

1. Time washing day with sunny days.

But if that fails and it starts to rain the moment you put the wash on the line, toss a dry bath towel into the dryer with the wet clothing. This will help them dry quicker.


2. Wash the soft toys safely (and without your child even knowing).

Soft toys need to be washed just like anything else – and especially because they can harbour dustmite. Pry the soft toys away from the clutches of your child when she is sleeping and quickly toss them into a lingerie bag which will keep them from snagging and being damaged. Wash them on gentle, let them dry in the sun (kills the dustmite) and hopefully they might even be clean and dry by the time your little one wakes up from her nap.

3. Buy extra laundry essentials to keep busy fingers busy (and not tempted to go through your pile of freshly folded washing and destroy it.).

Anyone with a crawling infant or curious toddler knows how much they love to climb into your pile of folded laundry and destroy it. Their own basket of extra pegs and hangers brought out when you are doing the folding may just distract your little one from reaching the pile.

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And make sure you pick up an extra laundry basket. You will be surprised how, with a little imagination, a laundry basket can transform into a rocket ship, a train, a boat or a truck in the blink of an eye.

4. Organise with colour coded baskets.

Coloured baskets make the world go round. A different basket for different types of clothing – work clothes, baby nappies, toddler’s dirt-stained outfits, sheets and linen, school uniforms – means when you only have time to wash one load, you can easily prioritise. And you can simply dump the items into the washing, fold them back into the same basket and put them away in the right place. Just choose the categories that work best for your family.

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5. Consider rolling rather than folding.

It’s not for everyone but rolling clothes is an easy way to save space and to make folding laundry quicker. Simply roll rather than fold the clothes before sticking them back into the drawers. Devotees swear by this tip, and claim it’s easier on your clothing and takes less space too.

6. Pre-soak like a pro.

Here’s a basic guide on how to pre-soak basic baby stains:

  • breast milk, formula, vomit and poop stains – soak in plain water with an enzyme-based cleaner.
  • baby oils, creams and lotions – before soaking (and as quickly as possible), add some detergent directly to the oily stain and leave on the stain for 10 minutes.
  • juices, jams, berries – soak in cold water, then wash as normal.
  • urine and sweat – pre-soak in vinegar and baking soda.

With all of these stains, place the items in the washing machine straight afterwards. 

messy toddler new

7. Banish “first food” stain dinner disasters.

They are bound to happen. Here are your options. Eliminate the need for clothes completely by eating nude or in a nappy. Or, chuck bub into the bath straight after. Then once bub is clean, place his clothing into the old bath water and let it soak while you do the pre-bedtime ritual.

8. Velcro clothes together before placing them in the washing machine.

Any clothing (especially bibs) with Velcro on it should be strapped together to avoid snagging on other clothes.

9. Stick to a sensitive detergent.

Even if your skin isn’t sensitive, it’s always a good idea to stick to a washing detergent that is gentle on skin, especially when washing baby and toddler clothes. Why? Because little ones’ skin can be more sensitive than ours.

10. Banish “missing baby sock” situations.

The easiest way to do this? Buy socks in the same colour. Then, everything’s a pair! But if you’re a sucker for cute socks, then wash socks in a mesh bag to keep them together.

labour essentials 6

11. Prepare for poop with your own portable laundry essentials.

Making messes or staining clothes is not something that is only reserved for inside the home. In fact, your little one probably has an uncanny ability to soil his outfits when on the run. So prepare with a few plastic bags to hold dirty clothes, a personal stain remover to quickly dab at any serious stains, and a few extra towels and a couple spare changes of clothing.

Have a section in your nappy bag especially for these items and stock up every week to replace the ones you use.

And, whatever you do, don’t forget the wipes.


12. Put safety locks on your child’s drawers.

Seriously! Plenty of children love to go through their clothes, pull everything out and dump it around the room when you’re not looking. This will save you countless hours of sorting through what’s actually dirty and what’s only been worn for 15 seconds, or not at all. And it’ll keep the room cleaner too.

Regardless of whether you spend your weekends doing the washing or prefer to do a load a day, the most important ingredient for laundry success is your detergent. Cold Power Sensitive is dermatologically tested and provides the same washing performance as the Cold Power Regular range; so you get outstanding results while being gentle on skin. It’s one of the most trusted names in washing detergent and suitable for the whole family.

(This is a sponsored post for Cold Power Sensitive)

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