12 incredibly useful products for breast and bottle feeding mums

Feeding your newborn infant sounds easy enough, after all, a breast or a bottle and formula is all that’s needed right? Technically the answer is yes, but we’ve featured a whole lot of gear over the years from funky bottles to nipple shields and breast pumps – all things that can potentially make those early months a little bit easier. Click on through to see 12 of our featured favourites!


Babyologists seriously flooded our email wanting more information on the fabulous soft and squeezy silicone bottles. An evolution in baby bottles, Comotomo bottles in all their wide mouth and naturally shaped nipple cleverness are designed to closely imitate a mother’s nipple. If you have a bub that’s not easily fooled and reluctant to drink expressed milk from a bottle, this bottle is worth a shot!

Spring Campaign 2015 Ergobaby Everyday

Let me say first, breastfeeding isn’t something that mothers and babies automatically know how to do. There’s many nitty gritty details to learn and iron out along the way – and positioning yourself and baby is a big one. The Ergobaby Nursing Pillow with its curves in all the right places, is perfect for bringing baby up to the breast and supporting mum’s posture.


Expressing milk often goes hand in hand with breastfeeding, whether it’s because you’ve returned to work or simply want to give another family member a chance to feed baby. You can read reviews and personal experiences involving the Philips Avent Comfort electric breast pump – we had a couple of our Influencer mums put it through its paces (spoiler alert – it came up trumps!).


If you’ve been part of the Babyology community for a while, you might recall Closer To Nature popping up in several past Prizeapaloozas. Closer To Nature’s bottles are great value and they also have a snazzy Electric Steriliser, sterilising up to six Closer To Nature bottles in just five minutes at the press of a button!

Difrax BtoB breast pump

Another breast pump option is this easy-to-use option from Difrax. The BtoB breast pump is so called because it is an easy way to transfer mother’s milk from breast to baby. Not only does it work quietly and efficiently, but there is no need to uncover your breast to pump. The breast shell slips right inside your bra for discreet expressing wherever you happen to be.

Silverette healing mini cups

Nothing is quite more painful than cracked and sore nipples from breastfeeding, but help of the healing kind is at hand with Silverette. The cups are non-toxic, eco-friendly and hygienic, and there are no chemicals passed on to a nursing baby while breastfeeding. Slip them on between feeds (the fabric of your bra keeps them in place), so there’s no need to worry about applying any creams or lotions.Kiinde-gift-set

A revolution in storing and warming expressed breastmilk, the Kiinde Twist breastmilk system has to be seen to be believed, it removes all the guess work, making it pretty much impossible to mess up, even in those sleep-deprived newborn days.


If you’re heading out for the day, heating up those bottles on the go is made a cinch with Nutto Mama’s Milk Warmer. Too clever!

Mama Body Tea_1

It’s not just during pregnancy that you have to be careful what you eat. Certain foods can affect your breastmilk too – either by flavour, quantity or even how baby might react to it. Mama Body Tea  makes a tea just for nursing mums – Mama’s Milk is a caffeine free blend containing herbal goodies including fenugreek, aniseed and fennel seed to help establish milk supply .

minbie five

Mums of bottle fed babies will tell you that not all bottle teats are created equal – so will those transitioning bub from breast to bottle. Babies aren’t silly, they can suss out (and spit out) a new or foreign shaped bottle teat in the first few seconds of a feed, so finding a comfortable one is imperative. Word on the street is Minbie teats get a satisfied burp of approval from babies all over Australia.

The Niche by Nook_4

The Niche feeding pillow from Nook Sleep Systems is just as useful for bottle feeding mamas as it is for breast feeding ones. It wraps securely around your waist and puts baby just at the right height for feeding, whichever way you choose to do it.


Finally, don’t forget the nursing pads. We like these reusable ones from Cake Maternity. Their CupCake nursing pads are made from GOTS certified organic cotton and hemp. Designed to draw moisture away from the skin, they’ll keep you dry and your clothes stain-free.

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