11 times Jane the Virgin showed us what motherhood really looks like

Jane the Virgin - TV show

Finally, a TV show that doesn’t just gloss over the mundane, everyday parts of parenting, or just follow the same well-worn ‘poo-explosion-dog-ran-away-with-the-nappy’ comedy stunts.


Since premiering in 2014, hit show Jane the Virgin has amassed a cult following for its perfectly wacky mix of crime, romance, drama and comedy, with an endearing satirical Venezuelan telenovela twist. Season 1 follows Jane, a Catholic virgin who is accidentally artificially inseminated with her boss’ sperm. At the end of the first season, Jane gives birth to a little boy, Mateo, and Season 2 (which launched on Netflix earlier this month) follows the first year of his life.

But what many fans love about Jane the Virgin is the way it beautifully and humorously illustrates the best and the hardest bits of motherhood, single parenting, and all the mundane moments in between.

Here are 11 moments Jane the Virgin showed us what parenthood really looks like.

1. When Jane’s family held a mini-intervention when she still hadn’t showered 7 days after giving birth. #janethedisgustingvirgin

Jane the Virgin - family intervention for personal hygeine

Jane the Virgin

2. When Jane found out she got into grad school and did a celebration dance with Mateo.

Jane the Virgin GIF

3. When Jane went through the complex emotions of wanting to pursue her writing career at grad school and feeling guilty about leaving her son, Jane’s mum gave her some epic advice.

Jane the Virgin gif - don't let motherhood hijack your goals

4. When Jane couldn’t find a babysitter and had to bring her son to class with her, promising the lecturer he wouldn’t disturb anyone. #awks

Jane the Virgin GIF

5. When Mateo was diagnosed with plagiocephaly (a flat head) due to lying on his back too much, and was fitted with a special helmet to reshape his head.

Jane the Virgin - doctor visit

Mateo is rocking that helmet!

Jane the virgin

6. When Jane struggles to get Mateo to latch with breastfeeding, battles nipple and bottle confusion and gets mastitis.


7. When Jane and Rafael find themselves being completely ridiculous at baby class, all in an attempt to get Mateo to crack his first smile.


And success!


8. When Jane has her first girl’s night out with her best friend post-birth, pees a little when busting an awesome dance move and finishes the night ‘pumping and dumping’ on the bathroom floor.


Jane the Virgin Pumping and Dumping

9. When pregnant Petra asks Jane for advice, and Jane is refreshingly honest and down-to-earth about the joys and realities of motherhood, and how she doesn’t have it all together.

Jane the Virgin meme

10. When Mateo hits the 8-10 month sleep regression, and Jane tries a multitude of sleep training methods, some of which are more exhausting than the lack of sleep.


11. When Jane admits that even though she’s loving grad school and working part-time again to support herself as a single mum, she misses Mateo like crazy and wishes she was with him all the time. #awwww

Jane the Virgin

Are you a fan of Jane the Virgin too?

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