11 super-nifty uses for baby wipes (including wiping baby, of course!)

baby wipe cleaning baby's face

If you have a baby, you probably buy baby wipes in bulk. In fact, odds on that you have a jumbo pack just sitting there in your nursery awaiting its usual function.

But did you know that you can get even more bang for your buck by using those baby wipes for a whole host of other things around the house?

1. Tidying hair and makeup

Baby wipes are made to be gentle on baby’s skin, so they’re also the perfect way to remove your makeup at the end of the day.  Plus, if you’re a woman who’s been cursed with the curl, you can use a wipe to tame frizzy fly-aways in the morning.  Just swipe the wipe over your fright wig and the moisture will tame your frizz quick smart.

2. Spot-cleaning

Baby wipes have long been a staple of TV and theatre wardrobe departments.  Since their inception, wardrobe mistresses have been using them to spot-clean costumes when production times won’t allow for a proper laundering.

At home you can use them to spot-clean the kids’ clothes (toothpaste dribble down the front of the shirt, I’m looking at you!) and you can also give little shoes a quick spruce up before visiting the grandparents. Baby wipes will also make quick work of that pesky makeup smear on your white shirt collar, or the errant white deodorant marks on black clothing that turn up no matter how carefully you put your black top on.

But wait – there’s more! They’re perfect for wiping spills and stains off leather couches too!

3. Sticky hands and faces

Of course, sticky hands and faces of little people are one of the most ideal ways to use baby wipes. There’s no greater relief than realising you have a small packet in your handbag when your two-year-old decides to get all handsy with his babycino in the local café.

4. Wiping peachy baby bottoms

Of course, baby wipes are really designed for cleaning up wee little bottoms. And none are better at the job than Red Nose Baby Wipes. Designed for sensitive newborn skin, they’re perfect for wiping those peachy bottom cheeks and there are no nasty chemicals so they won’t cause redness or rashes.

On top of that, Red Nose Baby Wipes are also good for your conscience: five per cent of sales are donated to the Red Nose charity.

5. Cleaning up toilet–training toddler mishaps

For some reason, wiping a toilet-training toddler’s bottom often becomes a horror show.  A baby wipe will make tidy work of it before you can say, “Bend over, red rover.” Just remember to bag them up and put them in the bin; don’t flush them down the toilet. That way lies a blocked sewer. (I know this from experience.)

6. Household dusting

Household dusting is a breeze with a baby wipe.  You can get all those hard to reach places between the Venetian blinds and plantation shutters.  You can also wipe down the leaves of your indoor plants and clean the family chalkboard. Some people swear by attaching one to the end of your broom and using it to get cobwebs and dust out of  the ceiling corners.

7. Thirty second bathroom clean ups

Sometimes people pop in unexpectedly and there’s simply no time to get out the rubber gloves and bleach to give the bathroom a once-over. Because let’s face it, none of us want our visitors to know how we really live. So to avoid being outed as the bad housekeepers we are, just swipe the entire bathroom with a couple of baby wipes. (Confession: I even use them to clean the floors – those little hard to reach corners behind the toilet. Don’t judge me.) And again – chuck, don’t flush.

8. Keeping outside dirt outside

So, you know how your stroller goes outside on the street, all over the neighbourhood? Then it comes back inside the house and then the baby crawls all over the floor?  Maybe you oughta give the wheels a quick wipe down before you come inside. Go on, you’ve probably already got a travel pack of baby wipes sitting in the back pocket of the stroller. Too easy.

9. Gadget cleanliness

Modern households contain a lot of keyboards, remote controls and general hand-held gadgetry. And because they get handled so much, it’s prudent to wipe them down occasionally.  Computer keyboards, remote controls and smart phones can all be given an effective once-over with a baby wipe.

10. Wiping down your yoga mat

It goes on the floor and you probably don’t remember which way was up last time you downward dogged, so it makes sense to give it a quick wipe every now and then.

11. Tackling car emergencies

Keep a pack in your car for sticky hands and faces, juice spills on upholstery, sandy feet after the beach and any of those unexpected but inevitable emergencies that befall a parent when they’re in a hurry and on en route from A to B.

(This is a sponsored post for Red Nose Baby Wipes)

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