No more tears! Magical plasters are completely pain-free to remove from skin

Preschooler with injured elbow

No one knows the pain of removing a plaster more than a parent. Whether you go in for the slow peel or rip it off your little one in one quick move, you know they’re guaranteed to howl — which is why we’re so excited about the new 100 percent pain-free plasters from Elastoplast.


See you later pain and skin damage

Little kids are known for taking plenty of tumbles and a plaster has the magically ability to stop tears in their tracks. That is until it is time to take it off. The pain of ripping off that plaster can be all too much for toddlers (and their parents), and sometimes it can even cause damage.

But not anymore!

Elastoplast Silicone Soft is the first hospital-grade, 100 percent pain-free plaster, and quite frankly we’re pumped they’ve hit the market. They were clinically tested by the European Wound Management Association (now that’s some serious testing) for pain on removal compared to other plasters, and came in at top of the class. One-hundred percent of all test subjects reported a completely pain-free removal experience. This is actually life-changing stuff.

Elastoplast Silicone Soft

How it works

This non-ouchy plaster owes it’s impressive skills to the innovative silicone adhesive technology that is used. Not only does this new and improved adhesive not cause pain, but it’s soft and gentle on skin. Unlike traditional adhesives, the silicone gel layer means there is minimal stripping of epidermal layers and hair.

Perfect for toddlers and anyone with sensitive, fragile or easily irritated skin; the Elastoplast Silicone Soft skin-friendly plasters will minimise trauma and pain during removal, yet are ultra reliable for wearing.

They also don’t leave any residue once removed (even if they’ve been on for a while). And if your little one decide to help out with the plaster and sends it a bit off course, you can just reposition it without losing any of the adhesive power. 

New 100 percent pain-free plasters are here!

Let’s get plastered!

The Elastoplast Silicone Soft (8 pack) is $6.49 from Chemist Warehouse and is available from most large pharmacies. For more information head to

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