10-year-old boy delivers brother, saves mum and baby’s lives

Ashly Moreau and children

When a US mum went into labour 6 weeks early, and realised her baby was in grave danger, her 10-year-old son stepped in and saved not only the baby’s life, but his mum’s too.

“My son’s feet were hanging out”

Louisiana mum-of-three Ashly Moreau was at home alone with her 10-year-old son Jayden and 11-month-old daughter when things went incredibly pear-shaped, very rapidly.

“My water broke and I looked down and my son’s feet were hanging out,” Ashly told KPLC7 News saying it was the scariest thing she’d been through in her life.

The baby’s feet were purple, and the terrified mum realised she needed to think quick if he was to survive. She called out to 10-year-old son Jayden who found his mother in the bathroom, bleeding, mid-birth and distressed.

“Just tell me what I need to do”

Jayden quickly ran to his grandmother’s house next door to get some help, but she was recovering from an operation and calling emergency services was as much as she could do.

Jayden ran back home, determined to help his mum in any way he could. On entering the bathroom again, he told her so. Ashly said he “didn’t even look scared, he looked calm, just like brave”. Instead of panicking Jayden was focused on helping his mum safely give birth and making sure his baby brother was okay.

“Okay, Mom. Just tell me what I need to do, and I’m going to do it,” Jayden told his mum.

“We need to get your brother out as fast as possible. He can’t breathe right now,” she quickly explained.

“I just had to pull him by his legs. Not hard. Just gently,” Jayden said, admitting that he didn’t really know what was happening, but knew he needed to help.

Difficult delivery

Ashly pushed, while Jayden pulled carefully and the baby finally emerged, but wasn’t breathing.

Jayden grabbed his 11-month-old sister’s nasal aspirator from the kitchen and helped his mum clear the baby’s airways. A few moments later, emergency services workers arrived and took over Ashly and the baby’s care.

Hospital staff say Ashly’s placenta had detached and she was in danger of bleeding out. Had Jayden not acted, not only would the baby have died from lack of oxygen, but his mum would have died too.

A hero

Jayden’s stepdad, the newborn’s father, arrived at the hospital after all the drama had simmered down.

“He saved their lives. He’s a hero,” a grateful Kelsey Richard said.

The new baby is doing beautifully and has been discharged from the NICU, now good as gold, thanks to Jayden.

“I am so proud of him. He is brave. He is strong. He is my hero”, a shaken but recovering Ashly said.

What a champion. Beautiful job, Jayden!

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