No kids allowed! 10 ways for mums to create their own space

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Need some peace and quiet at your place, but not sure how to craft the perfect space? May we suggest gathering inspiration from Denmark?

The Danes know where things are at when it comes to creating a nurturing, feel-good life. They’ve even got a special word for it – hygge –  which is all about creating special, intimate moments in the everyday and turning ordinary moments into something a bit more beautiful. We think it’s something every family home could benefit from!

If you’re not quite sure how to create a hygge-style home for your (admittedly busy, often noisy) gang, here are some great places to start. We’ve linked you up to some great everyday options for every home and every budget too.

Let’s get hygge with it!

1. Fragrance first

Delicious or comforting smells can really make a house a home. Coffee brewing, cake baking, bread cooling, fresh-mown grass notes. A sweet-smelling home is an excellent step on the road to a peaceful escape.

2. Floral vibes

Not only do flowers look beautiful, they can make your home feel well cared for and ensure it’s delightfully fragrant too. You don’t have to spend a bomb to bring the outdoors in. Nip around the garden and trim some pretty blooms or foliage. Head to the local market and scoop up some cut-price cut flowers to brighten up your space. Fill your living space with leafy plants to create a lush and green home.

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3. Take the floor

Layer rugs over your floor coverings, for an extra touch of texture and comfort. The feeling of a lovely rug underfoot not only adds an extra level of luxury to a room, but it’s a great visual tool to anchor furniture and create more clearly defined spaces.

4. Light and love

Throw open the curtains, or conversely, draw them tight and cosy up! Let the weather be your guide. Find ways to let the light in when the weather is warm or create ambient lighting with lamps and candles when it’s cooler and snuggling up is in order.

5. Cosy textures

Don’t just layer up at floor level! Throws, cushions and other soft furnishings add a welcoming feel that’ll have you and your gang kicking their shoes off and settling in in no time at all!

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6. Tidy up

Clutter is not relaxing, so clear the decks of the things that are better stowed away. Invest in some stylish and multi-tasking storage if finding places for things is a challenge.

7. Rest up

Head into the bedrooms and cast a critical eye over the sleeping arrangements. Comfortable beds and pretty linen not only look gorgeous, they help everyone relax and sleep easier.

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8. Keep it personal

Make your home truly yours by decorating with things that are meaningful to you. Framed photos, souvenirs from family trips, meaningful growing collections can all find a place in your space. Not only do these things remind you of shared experiences, they tell a story about your family and provide a sense of place for your gang.

9. Warm welcome

Take a peek out the front door. Is it welcoming? Or is it littered with various bikes, kinder bags and discarded shoes? Give your entry a hygge-inspired tidy up and maybe, just maybe, everyone who steps over the threshold will feel instantly at home.

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10. Inspire yourself

Not only should your home provide a relaxing, peaceful retreat, it should inspire and excite you too! Fill your home with the kind of books, music, films and art that inspire you and your family. Pick up some new prints to get your collection started.

Probably by just reading this you are feeling more peaceful, right? Now go forth and create a relaxed home for your nearest and dearest! Happy hygge-ing!
(This is a sponsored post for Fantastic Furniture)

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