12 times Katie from Hurrah for Gin was the greatest mum on Instagram ever

She’s known for her hilariously honest illustrations about being a mum, her love for rabbits, cheese, gin, coffee mugs with inappropriate slogans and her uncanny ability to make every mum feel better about herself.

So, if you aren’t  already following Katie from Hurrah for Gin, here’s why you really should.

Some mums just get it. And Katie, from Hurrah for Gin is certainly one of them.


Movie night. AKA I can’t be bothered to put the kids to bed and would rather just sit about drinking wine night.

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

A few years ago she started a blog on a whim (and after a few gins) combining her real life parenting antics with her simplified, but surprisingly accurate illustrations about raising her two sons. We’ve been following her for some time and we figure it’s our duty as imperfect parents to share her best moments in parenting with our Babyology readers.

And so, let us count down 12 instances that prove Katie is the boss of badass mummying.

That time she interpreted what’s really going on in Mummy Pig’s head on Peppa Pig.


And then one day Mummy Pig decided she had had enough. She had had enough of Daddy Pig with his lazy bastard ways, his snoring and his stuffing his big fat fucking tummy full of cake like a pointless all-season version of Father Christmas. She had had enough of her simpleton son George and his ability to burst into tears on demand about ABSOLUTELY NOTHING and his inability to speak any actual words other than ‘Dinosaur’ which he says about 627 times a day despite being of pre-school age. The bloody Idiot. And she had had more than enough of Peppa – her selfish, conceited, tinny whiney voiced, patronising, know-it-all little twat of a daughter. So she booked tickets to a trendy music festival and loaded the camper van up with a whole case of Sauvignon Blanc, enough vodka to kill a small horse and a wide selection of mind altering drugs. ‘You can have beans and toast for tea!’ she yelled at her confused family as she sped off into the sunset ‘I’ll come back when you all stop being such wankers!’

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And we couldn’t stop laughing for days!

That time she took her kids camping.


Stone the crows I’ve actually written a new blog post! This time the sheer delight that is camping with children :)

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And learned so much about life.

That time she made greeting cards for all occasions.


Thank you teachers cards from @ginbunnyprints :) x

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

They are the perfect present for teachers, dads and anyone else who has a sense of humour.

That time she wrote a book.


I got the page proofs back today and I seem to have inadvertently written War and Peace 😳

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And it’s coming out next month! We cannot wait!

That time she found this extra awesome sign at a child’s play centre.


I go to all the classy joints

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And this sign too. (Seriously, where are these parks?)


I hope someone does something like this for me when I die.

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

That time she re-enacts her life with Playmobil characters.

This is a regular segment on her Instagram account and it is always bang on.

That time she posted about all the reasons to be grateful.


Reasons to be grateful. 1. It’s Friday. 2. Got treats! 3. A four year old shouted ‘shut up motherfucker!’ In my face at soft play. 4. The above kid was someone else’s :) 5. The husbands out tonight so I have aromatic hoisin duck and doughnuts from saino’s for dinner. 6. No washing up! 7. Am going to spend this evening watching an abundance of car crash TV without anyone sighing and saying ‘I can’t believe you actually like this crap!’ 8. Looking forward to reading Look magazines headline feature ‘Cheryl’s Revenge!’ 9. Number 8 may have been a lie. 10. The kinder surprises were actually relatively decent meaning no one had a shit fit about their toy #winning 11. Survived a week of school holidays without killing anybody 12. Actually quite enjoyed it. 13. *75% of it 14. *Apart from Monday which had an enjoyment factor of approx 10%. 15. My kids might get up too early, be a bit too loud/feral/wayward but they make me so proud every day and I wouldn’t change a single thing about them. 16. I’m having a tea time gin because I’M WORTH IT. Happy weekend people thank you, genuinely, for being such an incredibly funny and supportive community x

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And included a photo of two Kinder Surprises and a cup that says Gin Whore in the photo. Because it’s the little things that count…

That time she found these extra cool band-aids.

Because nothing cures a boo-boo quite like a swear word.

That time she invented the #zerofucks dinner menu.


This is what I call a Zero Fucks Dinner. It’s best served at the end of a long week although any crappy day will do. It can be anything you like but I find beige stuff from the freezer is most effective. The point of the Zero Fucks Dinner is that although it lacks any real nutritional value, some days you just really can’t be doing with begging other people to eat. Some days it’s nice to see smiles on your children’s faces as they sit at the table and some days you don’t want a plate of fish pie lobbed at your head in disgust. You should not feel at all guilty about occasionally serving up a Zero Fucks Dinner because that’s why it’s called a Zero Fucks Dinner. Just sit back, relax and enjoy a stress free mealtime. Your sanity IS important. P.S. It also goes pretty well with a glass of wine. That’s for you. Don’t waste good Sauvignon Blanc on kids.

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

She should start her own restaurant.

That time she posted a photo of what FML means.


Sometimes when I say FML people say oooh what does that mean?! This is what it means. It means exactly this.

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

No words needed.

That time she ran into a keyboard playing zebra.


Lovely day to be out dressed as a zebra playing your keyboard! 🎶🎶🎶

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

And I’m pretty sure she was sober (or mostly sober) at this stage.

The 80,000 times she posted a photo of her drinking an alcoholic beverage (and often with a kids’ television program in the background).


I love Friday nights they’re so… crazy!

A photo posted by Katie – Hurrah For Gin (@hurrah4gin) on

Because hurrah for Gin. And wine. And spirits. And champagne. And beer. And pretty much anything else that keeps you sane while raising kids.

And, especially, hurrah for Katie for keeping it real and adding an element of sass to the otherwise serious world of mummyhood.

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