10 fabulous Etsy finds for new mums and mums-to-be

Whether you’re the sort of pregnant woman who glows and has a cakewalk of a pregnancy, or you’re the sort who spends 40 weeks ill and with feet so swollen you’re sure they’ll pop, you need a good collection of pretty and useful things to begin your journey as a new parent.

Are you a mama with a streak of mischief? There are two things you should know: it’s fun to keep family members in suspense as they complete this birth announcement jigsaw puzzle (above), and your baby is going to pay you back for your streak with naughtiness in spades.


Here’s a handy little gift that will have all new mums cheering. This door sign might seem like overkill now, but when that precious little bundle finally nods off, you don’t want anyone waking him up, whether it’s well-meaning friends or enthusiastic couriers.


Thoreau wrote, “beware of all enterprises that require new clothes”, and he was surely talking about the sartorial conundrum that is a maternity photo shoot. Your body has changed almost every day for the last few months, and you have no idea what suits anymore. Luckily The Citrus Branch has designed this Grecian column dress in dusty lilac jersey. It’s special enough for this important event, and it’s comfortable and flatters all your growing curves.


The jury is out on whether stretch mark creams actually work, but it can’t hurt to take preventative measures, especially when they come smell as lovely as this moisturising cream with shea butter and organic oils. If nothing else, your skin will be super soft, and it’ll certainly soothe itchy belly skin.


Regular clothes that can be appropriated for maternity wear help you feel a little more normal, and this stretchy, long, heathered grey top is one of those items that does double duty. After baby, it will be a comfy top to lounge around the house in, and it’s pretty enough that you can still answer the door without looking like you’ve spent the entire day in pyjamas (even if you have).

New mums etsy -Little Magpies Silicone Teething Necklace

Many women try to make do with a small maternity wardrobe. It’s hard to invest in something that you’re only going to wear for a few months, but it’s boring to wear the same thing every day. The solution? Jewellery, which incidently fixes a lot of things, in case any dads are reading. This pretty pastel silicone necklace from Little Magpies will add visual interest to a basic top or dress, and when future bub is teething, she can chew it for some relief.

New mums etsy - Bathrobe

Before babies, I had a beautiful wardrobe, but my lounge clothes consisted of holey trackies and my husband’s t-shirts. This beautiful, lightweight Turkish cotton robe from Eco-Friendly Beauty is lovely and comfortable to wear at the hospital, and when you get home, you can pop it on and no one will be the wiser that you’re still wearing your husband’s tee.

New mums etsy -Ikabags Nappy Bag

It’s almost time to pack away your handbag collection in favour of a nappy bag. You’ll be using it for at least a year, so it better be a good one. This nautical striped messenger bag from Ikabags has 10 pockets to contain the seemingly endless baby gear, and it’s waterproof and hardy so it’ll last as long as your baby’s in nappies and beyond.

milksense nursing top

The words ‘stylish’ and ‘breastfeeding top’ rarely go together. That’s why we’re happy to report that we’ve found the perfect on trend top for new mums. In bright lime, with an asymmetrical hem and a loose profile, this breastfeeding top gives quick access for feeds anywhere and leaves you feeling slightly more hip.

new mums etsy scarf

A beautiful scarf is any woman’s fashion workhorse. Give your outfit a pop of colour, tie it around your hair on those many days when you can’t be bothered to wash it, or use it as a nursing cover. The one we’ve found from Ichcha is beautiful hand-printed silk and cotton, so whatever you do, don’t sacrifice it as a burp cloth.

Congratulations mama. Nothing will ever completely prepare you for the wonderful chaos that is motherhood, but with this gear, you’re as ready as you’ll ever be!

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