10 easy DIY gifts and crafts for Mother’s Day 2014

diy gifts vegetable stamped scarf

diy gifts vegetable stamped scarf

We’ve shown you all manner of marvellous gift ideas for Mother’s Day. Now here’s a few make-it-yourself wonders to try with the kids.

Every mum should have a whole swathe of scarves in her wardrobe. They hide all manner of baby messes and are great for helping you look like you’ve got it all together, especially when you feel anything but. We found this DIY scarf idea over at A Beautiful Mess. Give it a go and you’re just one plain scarf, one stick of celery (yes, celery!), one dish of gold paint and one eager-to-help preschooler away from claiming the mama fashion crown at your next playdate.

diy gifts potato print tote bag

While the kids are busy stamping, get them to grab a couple of spuds and  have a go at this bag that we spied at Knobz. Because if there’s one thing us mums never seem to have enough of – apart from sleep, of course – it’s good-looking bags to tote around all that kiddo paraphernalia.

diy gifts thumbprint necklace

Personalised jewellery is so hot right now, and why not, when it means wearing a reminder of the ones you love close to your heart. They don’t come more personal than a DIY heart thumbprint necklace. Find the instructions for creating your own over at Mama Miss. (Hint, you can find Shrinky Dinks here in Australia at Over the Rainbow).

diy gifts wooden bead necklace

Now for another necklace idea that’s – dare I say it – even easier. This one’s such a cinch that even toddlers will be able to have a go. And won’t they love that. You’ll find the how-to for making your own stylish wooden bead necklace at Behind My Desk.

diy gifts wooden bead necklace

I adore the plain version but sometimes the day just calls for a brighter, cheerier necklace. If that day’s dawning for you too, you’ll be wanting to put the kids to work following these instructions to make a colourful wooden bauble necklace from A Beautiful Mess.


We’re always hearing the message about how it’s so important for mums to take time out to pamper themselves. Just quietly – and I say this as a very time-poor mother-of-three, I think the entire notion is a cruel joke inflicted on us by those fancy-free twenty-somethings with their endless rounds of manicures, massages and me-time. No, us mums know that pamper time only comes strictly between 8pm, when you manage to wrest the last kid into bed, and 8.15pm, when the first kid starts calling out about bad dreams and drinks of water. With such a teeny-tiny pamper window, you better make the most of it. We recommend a super-quick soak with one of these easy-peasy diy bath bombs – in delicious fragrances of coconut, green tea, cinnamon and vanilla – from Idle Wife.

diy gifts lemon sugar scrub

If you prefer the escape of a hot, steamy shower, then let the kids have a crack at making this lemon and coconut scrub. The lemon tree in my own Melbourne backyard is groaning under the weight of lemons, so I think I’ll give this one a go myself. Craftberry Bush has two lemon scrub recipes – one for the body that uses salt and a gentler lemon sugar scrub for the face. Both promise to leave your skin looking – and smelling – divine. Plus, the recipe promises that it’s “super easy”. Gotta love that.

diy gifts mug for mum

Here’s another easy, cheap homemade gift for Mother’s Day that looks a million bucks. A heart tea or coffee mug with a matching milk jug and sugar bowl. Get the kids to make one set for you and another for Nana… or Baba or Yaya or Sobo or Gran… or whichever other variety of grandma they have. However you spell it, mums and grandmothers alike are sure to love it. All you need is a plain white mug and whichever table accessories you’d like to use, plus a metallic gold paint pen, as well as these instructions from Lauren Conrad.

diy gifts washi tape peg fridge magnets

Pretty peg magnets come in awfully handy for pegging up artwork, notes, invitations, bills and the myriad of other bits and pieces that come with family life. We stopped in at The Pink Doormat to find out how to make a whole fridge-door full of peg magnets using washi tape and cheap-as-chips wooden pegs.

easy diy gifts for mum

Now this Mummy Survival Kit may well be my favourite DIY Mother’s Day gift idea and for sure, the kids will have a lot of fun putting it together too. Just grab a glass jar and let the kids loose in the supermarket, chemist or a variety store (try The Reject Shop, Big W or Priceline) where you can find lots of little mum-friendly odds and ends. Perfect tidbits for Mum jars include lip balms, hand wipes and sanitisers, mints, headache tablets, Band-aids, a hair tie and some gold coins so she’s never caught short for a coffee! I especially like how this gift can be personalised to suit, by adding some small snack-size bars of Mum’s favourite chocolates or a travel-sized version of her favourite hand cream or perfume. Find the instructions and a free printable label – though you’ll have to excuse the American Mom spelling – at Classy Clutter.

Happy Mother’s Day! Let us know in the comments below if you tackle any of these projects. And don’t forget to browse our other Mother’s Day gift guides.

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