10 days of gifts for mum: Day 6


News flash: choose silk over cotton for a healthy night’s sleep. Ok many of us might have had an inkling, but exactly why could have been a real mystery. Apparently the sleep-creases that you wake up with are actually an indication of the damage done to your face when sleeping on a pillowcase not made of silk. And that’s not all. Bed-head is more of a beauty drainer than you might have thought — not only does it look less than flattering and is a big inconvenience, but what’s worse, cotton for example is actually drawing moisture from your hair and damaging hair follicles leading to thinner, less healthy hair (according to researchers). Oh no!

A way to combat this nighttime nuisance, according to a number of doctors listed on the Slip Enterprises website is to use silk. Slip, a Queensland-based company makes pure high-quality silk pillowcases and eye masks from silk sourced in China.

Silk is a natural temperature regulator and also hypoallergenic, so using a Slip pillowcase and sleep mask (to protect the delicate skin around the eyes) apparently ensures a real ìbeautyî sleep. The pillowcases are thick and luxurious, thus preventing bed-head, sleep-creases and skin-stretching. The only thing better than sleeping on a Slip pillowcase is sleeping with a Slip facemask as well!

Masks start at $34.95 and pillowcase are $49.95 from Cedar Leaf. Look out for the cute embroidered Yummy Mummy mask.

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