10 days of gifts for mum: Day 10


Missing your beautiful pre-baby handbags? Want to buy the latest and
greatest in bags but it simply doesn’t suit the baby gear you need
to have with you? If your existing bags don’t have enough pockets, or
will ruin with the slightest internal spill, then grab a
Pebbles Pouch.

Equiped with 9 pockets, insulated sections, dummy strap and change
mat, the Pebbles Pouch will fit snugly into most decent-sized
handbags. Small clutches will still be off-limits, but this will be
perfect for my Mimco button bag which is still my very favourite
but could do with more pockets (ahem, and a long strap for pram
The Pebbles Pouch comes in pink, slate (my favourite) or blue.

I can’t stand the way much needed dummies, creams and socks seem to
congregate at the bottom of my larger bags. It was fine when all I
needed were my wallet, make-up kit and a pencil case. Now my life is so
much more complicated and my bags fill up and
become disorganised. The Pebbles Pouch will get me out of this mess!

One of the best things about it is that you can take it
out as one piece to put into another handbag. It won’t take you half an
hour to transfer all the bits and bobs – a real time saver for
people who like to swap bags regularly.

Stock has just arrived in Australia this week so be the first to have one of these, $39.95 from


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