10 beautiful baby beds – a bassinet and cradle roundup

Those newborn babies look so small when you bring them home from the hospital. That’s when a cradle or bassinet that’s sized just right for a newly hatched little sleeper comes into its own. A handy nursery extra for the early months, we give you 10 of our favourite bassinets and cradles.


Getting back to sweet basics with a contemporary twist, Bebelicious bassinets are a firm favourite and don’t hit the hip pocket too hard. A traditional style Moses basket kitted out in designer fabric and paired with a stand, it’s a beautiful sight for sleep deprived eyes.


Designed to grow with your child, I can’t think of a sweeter bassinet to invest in than the handmade Miniguum (pictured above and at top of post). Not only is it a beautiful bed for your newest little darling, it doubles as storage when you’ve finished using it (or between uses!).

&me crib_6

A hit with the hipsters among us, the &me bassinet rocks a vintage vibe and adds a beautiful splash of colour to a nursery.

Moba Moses Basket

For a funky bassinet packing a bold statement, Moba is the answer. Designed with ample air holes for airflow and ventilation, it’s made from a soft, completely recyclable, hypoallergenic material – amazing!

Pottery Barn Kids Bassinet with boy

If a charming grand traditional look is what you’re seeking for your baby’s first bed, stopping by Pottery Barn Kids will have you sorted. The wicker basket is available in two colours and you can even pick up the perfect linen to dress it up while there.


Kaylula Nursery Collection has a lot to offer for first beds – from magnificently crafted Gaga and YoYo cradles to their stunning Sova Cot with bassinet capabilities.


For a bassinet which is worthy of minimal space footprint awards, it must be the Guava Family Lotus Bassinet. Super easy to set up and travel with, this gem ticks all the boxes for portability.


I can’t imagine anything could be more relaxing than drifting off to sleep, swinging gently in the breeze. Dreams are made with such serenity with KindekeKlein hanging cradles – there’s even a twin option!

Ideal Co Sleeper_3

The Arms Reach Ideal Co-Sleeper is a bassinet you can butt right up to the edge and at the same height of your own bed. Fool-proof co-sleeping at its best, you can settle your bub from the comfort of your own bed while they’re safety in theirs.

lilly and lolly rocky cot

We’ll finish off with the awesome Jall and Tofta Rocky. It morphs from a cradle with parent chair to a cot, and then to a toddler bed – that’s getting some serious mileage out of a piece of nursery furniture!

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