10 of the most annoying kids’ TV characters ever created

We are pretty sure these characters were only created to make parents cringe.

Kids’ television – it’s a blessing, yes, but it can also drive us absolutely crazy, especially some of the ridiculous shows and characters these days. Sure, our generation of TV had its fair share of weirdness and creepy characters (remember Bananaman… come on!), but I swear the latest generation of TV has gotten so much worse.

Sure, these characters may be teaching our kids important lessons and entertaining them so we can make a meal that doesn’t have the word “Two Minute” in it, but, the annoyance level is simply too much.

So, let’s count down, shall we?

#10. Those pommy potatoes that sing and dance between shows.

small potatoes1

I do believe they are called the Small Potatoes. Well, small spuds, please, for the love of all parents out there, stop singing.

No one likes a singing potato.

#9.  That weird thing that always cleans stuff In the Night Garden. 


No, not the Tombliboos, which are equally as unsettling. It’s that one that walks around with a sponge and his bike and cleans rocks and mutters weird stuff. I’m pretty sure he goes by Makka Pakka.

# 8. Spongebob Square Pants


Something about this guy just creeps me out. And his laugh is just the worst. Anytime he comes on, I start to cringe. And when the movie came out, ugh… But that’s not even the worst bit. According to science, watching Spongebob will actually make your kids dumber. Double ugh.

# 7. Caillou


Caillou is a Canadian gem of a little boy. No, actually, he’s a Canadian whingy brat who complains about everything. If your kids haven’t been introduced to Caillou, then count your lucky stars.

# 6. The map from Dora the Explorer.

the map

Yes, you’re a map. We get it. Stop telling us.

# 5. Hoot and Hootabelle

hoot and hoot

Hoot hoot. Sorry Jimmy Giggle. I do love you and your pyjamas, but your owl mates have got to go.

#4 . Dirt Girl’s creepy bug friend


Does anyone else think he kind of looks like Screech from Saved by the Bell? Whoever (or whatever) he is, he drives me nuts. But, mind you, the rest of the cast are pretty annoying as well.

# 3. The grumpy green monster from Yo Gabba Gabba


He’s a funny little character, but why does he have to be so moody? One thing doesn’t go Broobee’s way and he frowns, pouts and flails his creepy arms around.

# 2. Elmo


Elmo loves everyone. But Elmo, I’d love you a lot more if my daughter didn’t have five different Elmo toys, all of which talk (and one of which complains about having to pee every two seconds).

Elmo, please, just say no.

Your popularity is your demise, mate. Sorry.

#1. The Little Princess

the little princess

The award for the most annoying children’s character has got to go to the Little Princess, who teaches our kids each and every day that it’s perfectly okay to be selfish, spoiled and rude.

A simple please wouldn’t hurt, missy.

Honourable mentions have to go to the entire cast of Hoopla Doopla, Robbie Rotten from Lazytown and Cat from Peg and Cat. But we’re sure there are plenty more that would make the list, especially after watching the same episode over and over again.

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