10 amazing birthday gift ideas for older kids

The six-and-older crowd can test one’s gift buying prowess. By the age of six they’ve had a whole heap (well, six, to be precise) of Christmases and birthdays to collect stuff and what’s left to buy? With all my children in this age category, I feel I can attest to this shortlist of awesome gift ideas. Click on through to reveal 10 perfect pressies for older kids!


Trying to limit screen time, but the kids won’t stop moaning how they’re bored? Send them outside with a Stick-lets Fort Kit and see how they go. They’ll be rustling up a makeshift fort in no time, I bet!


While the creative juices are flowing, builders of all ages (and yes, we include parents in this) love the incredibly versatile Planks from Green Hat Workshop. Their simplicity hides an important fact – you can make just about anything if you have enough of them.


Time for a bike upgrade? ByK Bikes make stunning bikes for when kids are ready to ditch the training wheels. The impressive ergonomic design is especially built for smaller stature riders.


If there’s a nail polish lover at your place (and I’d be surprised if there isn’t – they seem to creep into every household), they’re sure to get a kick from the fun kids’ nail polish range at Nailmatic. It’s non-toxic, there are heaps of great colours, and best of all, it will wash off in warm, soapy water.


Something that ticks the cute and creative boxes? Kitpas combines block building and colouring in with their charming chalk paint covered wooden shapes – even when they’re not being used they look divine lined up on the shelf.

Colouring Secretgarden

Of course, kids who really love to colour in aren’t sick of it by the time they reach school age – but they might want something that seems a bit more, well, grown up. Lucky for them (and you), there’s been a proliferation in the adult colouring in book market this year. If you buy them one of these, they’ll love it, and you might even get to fill in a few pages yourself once they’re in bed.


Now we’ve given you cute and creative, let’s add edible to the mix! Both budget and tummy friendly, Yummy Project are boxes of do-it-yourself kitchen creativeness – a gift, a fun activity and a sweet treat all in one. Boxes contain everything you need to make and bake (with the exclusion of fresh ingredients like butter, eggs or milk) so all you need are fridge staples, some adult supervision, patience and taste testers for good measure.


If you’re thinking of finally giving in to pleas for a phone of their own, consider the Ownfone for this age group. Ownfone is excellent for kids who are seeking a little bit more independence and to safely call a select few when they want or need to, not the whole phone book.

father and son wooden toys

A favourite of mine, Buildme wooden toy kits will send the ‘I built it myself’ satisfaction level of the recipient through the roof when they get to construct their own awesome toy to play with!

lego millenium falcon

Let’s round it out with a present that’s always gratefully received – Lego. The Danish wonder toy just goes from strength to strength. It lasts forever, it keeps kids busy for ages and there’s bound to be a set that your child will love, no matter their interests. This is the time of year too when new sets and themes are released, including a whole stack from Star Wars. Check out the range at Target, where prices vary widely depending on the size of the set, and where you can order online.

Do you have a younger or older child that you need birthday ideas for? Try these posts for perfect first birthday gifts, amazing gifts for toddlers and fab presents for preschoolers.

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