Celebrity mum Jessica Biel knows how “terrifying” it is to dine with a baby, so she opened her own restaurant

She’s a famous actress and married to Mr ‘Bringing sexy back’ himself, Justin Timberlake. But take away the glitz and glamour, and Jessica Biel is a mum just like us who finds eating out at a restaurant with her toddler a terrifying experience. So a kid-friendly space was the priority when creating her eatery Au Fudge, which just opened in West Hollywood.

Jessica says Silas, one next month, is a handful when the couple try to go out for dinner.

“Since he’s so little still and I’m still kind of learning how I do it in a very smooth and like elegant way, it’s terrifying,” she tells E! News.

“You get to a place, you want to make sure the diners around you are not being bothered, you’re full of anxiety, you’re trying to go as fast as you can—you don’t enjoy it at all.”

jessica biel

Jessica says she wants everyone to feel welcome at the family-friendly Au Fudge, which is chemical-free and safe for children. There’s also a play area.

jessica biel4

“That is exactly what we want to erase from the feeling of a mom, a dad, a family, a nanny, grandparents bringing their grandkids here. It doesn’t matter,” Jessica says.

“We just want you to feel stress-free about it and know that they’re playing with things that are safe, that we don’t use chemicals here, that there’s not just a bunch of plastic everywhere and we’ve really tried to think very thoughtfully about your family because it’s our family, too.”

jessica biel3

Jessica is our latest celebrity mum crush, just because it seems she is just like you and me when it comes to parenting’s highs and lows. Another one of our Hollywood favourites is mum-of-two Drew Barrymore, who has talked about suffering from postpartum depression after the birth of daughter Frankie.

(via E! News, images via Instagram)


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