8 thoughts every parent has when at the park

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I love taking my boys to the park – well most days. Some days it can be a bit of a drag, I mean how many more times does he want me to push him on the swing?! But most days I love it. The playground is an escape from home and a place where my little monkeys can let off steam before (hopefully) collapsing into a blissful slumber after lunch.

While I mostly love it, I do tend to have have the same thoughts every time we’re there though. Here’s what they are. Please tell me I’m not alone?!

2. I wish there was a coffee cart

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Seriously, I was up three times last night and my youngest peed through his nappy at 5am. I need coffee. Why isn't there a mobile coffee cart that does the playground rounds? Surely someone has realised that unstrapping kids to grab a coffee on the way to the playground is more effort than it's worth and there are mums in need?!


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