9 incredibly fun and creative paper plate craft ideas!

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If there’s something everyone has a surplus of in their pantry after the Christmas holidays, it’s that huge stack of paper plates in the corner behind the dip platters and unpopped bon bons.

Instead of leaving the paper plates to gather dust all year, and then forgetting about them in the mad rush before Christmas and buying 50 more, why not use them to create some of these fabulously creative games and crafts?

1. Paper plate pizzas

Paper plates just got a whole lot more delicious…

Photo: She Saved

 2. DIY flower

Ok, so you’ll need a few paper plates on hand to make this lovely little creation, but it’s pretty cute, hey?

Photo: ABC DIY

3. Paper plate weaving

With just a little coloured wool and a paper plate, you can make something pretty special.

Photo: Red Ted Art

4. Paper plate emotion masks

We thought this was a fabulous way to teach kids about emotional health and interpersonal skills.

Photo: No time for flashcards

5. DIY rainbow snake

It’s hard to tell that this funky snake was ever a humble white paper plate. Hang it from a hook on the ceiling to get a curly mobile.

Photo: Pink stripey socks

6. Practice addition or subtraction

Even the most maths-averse kids will like this fun maths game with paper plates and buttons.

Photo: Better Than Homework

7. Paper plate ring toss

Ring toss is a fun game for all ages, and is particularly good to help young ones develop hand-eye coordination.

Photo: From ABCs to ACTs

8. DIY magnet maze

This isn’t just a maze drawn on a paper plate, which would be pretty cool on its own, this maze has a magnet attached to the back, providing endless fun. This is a great one to make and take on long car trips. Get the tutorial here.

Photo: My Cakies

9. Target shooting

For boys who like shooting things, look no further than this clever paper plate adaptation. Simply write numbers on each plate, prop up with a simple safety pin manoeuvre and start playing. Highest score wins! Tutorial and rules of play here.

Photo: All for the boys

Have you tried any games or crafts with paper plates? We’d love to see what you created! Share on Facebook.


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