This tired mum is totally going to win Netflix’s sleep deprivation game show

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A new Netflix game show where contestants get no sleep for 24 hours and have to perform challenges has us all LOL-ing.

And also barracking for the mum-of-four who has totally got this in the bag! Heck, any parent would.


“These contestants have been up for 24 HOURS!!!” Booms the promo, like this is the most shocking thing ever.

Any parent of a newborn, or a baby with reflux, or with a household struck down with gastro, is rolling their eyes.

Oh, p-lease.

“They’ll push their tired minds and bodies to the limit, and beyond. In a series of physical and mental challenges geared to test the ultra tired,” declares host James Davis.

Um, excuse me, did James just describe our tired mum-lives?

But I digress.

“24 hours. Zero rest. A MILLION DOLLARS,” he continues.

Oh, no, no, he didn’t. He absolutely didn’t. No one PAYS us for being able to survive on little or no sleep.

But if they did, I reckon we would all rack in the million big ones.

Like watching drunk people do stuff

Given that sleep deprivation can make you look and feel drunk (it’s a fact, studies show that intern doctors who suffer from sleep deprivation act like they are under the influence while making crucial medical decisions). The absurd game show is geared to be funny as sleep deprived contestants act drunk while doing challenges for the chance to earn $1 million cash.

But instead of having to wrangle a baby (and more kids if you have them), the contestants first spend a day counting a million coins in a private room – meaning peace and QUIET!

Oh, and they are also given caffeine and Red Bull to help them stay awake.

See, now do you think you could do it?

This mum can, we think

Laric Tolleson, a tired working mum-of-four, is one of the contestants.

“I’ve got four children at home. I am a Las Vegas firefighter, so I’m always sleep-deprived,” she says.

“I don’t have to listen to screaming kids, I don’t have to listen to screaming patients, all I need to listen to is the clickety-clack of sweet, sweet money, I am loving this.”

Yes, that’s it! Silence. Imagine how well you could think if your day involved no bickering, whining, crying or badgering?

Yep, we think Laric has got this bit.

But can she pass the next round?

After wheeling out their counted coins, those closest to the million dollar mark, advance to the next round.

This is where Laric and her fellow contestants are subjected to various physical challenges involving eggs, giant slushies, balls etc, as well as some more counting.

We hope Laric triumphs because if she does, this will prove that tired parents are actually superhuman and can and do it all.

Because we do.

So please, just hand Laric the money.


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