Cute alert: Watch Luna discover her dad John Legend visited Sesame Street

The Legends in Italy

Chrissy Teigen’s latest Instagram video is the very definition of adorable and we dare you to only watch it once!

“We love you, Luna!”

The video, which racked up over half a million views in under an hour, shows Luna holding an iPad. She’s watching a clip her dad’s uploaded of his own appearance on Sesame Street. It’s the first time she’s seen the clip as a certified Sesame Street fan.

“When John first posted this video to Instagram, Luna had no idea what Sesame Street was,” Chrissy writes.”She was sick and couldn’t go to set when John was filming so all the characters made this video for her. This is her first time watching it and knowing how freaking epic it is!”

If you watch the clip you can see just how gobsmacked Luna is!

And, as if your own dad appearing on this beloved children’s television program is not special enough, the Sesame Street puppets can be heard happily crying “Hello Luna!” and blowing kisses to the little girl.

By Sesame Street puppets, we literally mean almost all of your/our favourite characters – Elmo, Ernie, Bert, Zoe, Big Bird, Grover. It’s amazing!

One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today

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Suffice to say Luna is utterly shocked by her dad’s special friends – and then delighted. Luckily Chrissy filmed Luna’s “first watch” and shared it with the world!

Luna stares wide-eyed at the screen as her dad’s video plays. She then adorably turns both palms upwards to signal her amazement, covers her eyes in disbelief, rocks back and forth, waves at her on-screen dad and giggles.

She points at iPad John and says “da-da?”

“We love you soooo much,” the muppets say, waving madly. It would seem the feeling is entirely mutual!

cheeto puffs

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He called it

John posted the clip to his Instagram back in December 2016.

“One day Luna will be very excited by who daddy hung out with today,” he captioned the original clip, prophetically.

It seems his prediction was super accurate. Luna WAS very excited by daddy and his Sesame Street friends. She seems to be watching the clip over and over and “she gets happier every time” as someone in the background of Chrissie’s video says. (It might be Chrissy?)

We get happier every time too, come to think of it! 


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jellies forever

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Making friends in Venice!

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Venice! @monicarosestyle @jrugg8 @allanface

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