Shoe frenzy! The bub and mum matching shoes you couldn’t get enough of in 2017

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Is there anything cuter than chubby little feet in adorable footwear? Shoes for little ones are practically an art form now and the best part is a lot of brands are also doing matchy adult sizes for mums! Here are all the must-have kiddie kicks you went crazy for this year.

3. Freshly Picked x Care Bears Moccasins

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Parents who grew up in the 80s rejoice! Relive all your childhood memories with these colourful and cuddly Care Bears themed gorgeous fringed moccasins from Freshly Picked. With five designs to choose from (bear belly motifs for Tenderheart, Grumpy, Cheer and Funshine Bear, plus a combined Care Bear print) - your little one will love their bright treads and you'll be in nostalgia heaven. Win win! Priced at US $60 from Freshly Picked.

What baby, toddler or matching mum shoes did you love this year?


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